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To Éfcow t&e exben.1 and power of fratein 1 orders, i-u.h as Masons, Odd Fellows, Kni.clits oí Pyiliias, Maccabeee, ete„ to tliu large cities, we linl the foowkig tabb'. compileil by Dr. Cralrun T.-iylor. and pulil-h (1 n Dr. Btvoog's work 'Tlie New Era.: - ai a - ie Buffalo MO.000 144 218 New Orleaiis 216.090 178 270 Washington, D. C 208,459 1S1 816 St.Louis 4'O.OOü 240 72a Worcester S5.000 54 88 Boston ili.177 243 59li Brooklyu 853,945 355 U95 Chicago 1.099.S50 384 1088 eh:ut il;le work accompli-iueü by these orders is not conceived by tita general public. When we con-ider tliat the above is only a small portion of tlie number in the United States, ;ih;1 thnt eaeh and every one of tliem li;ive prartcally the same önd in ivew, tlie beneïiting of each oilu'i-, we muy lona i-ome idea oí the extemt of their work. A minister of the gospsl here ín Aun ArLor remarked recently, "I beKeve, frdm personal obeervation, that tlie MaeonijC (ratemity of this city Iris dome tnoie practical charitable work ttoun any church orgaalzation in Aun Arbor durlng tb te past year.'' Ii ih:it is trae o! the Masoas, nmch i muy be eald oí tiue saine import oí tlie Odd FtT.ow-, Maccabees, etc, here tn tliis vhy. 'Hun Jadge the entire ry by wihat i dome here, and thuk oí the m.iüiüiude f the work !


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