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How Will The Senator Vote?

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Dees tJi:in a yéar agí) two very prominent demo. rat-, one of them ;i United States senator, met in New York state. Aïter arramg some business mattere one gentjeman reinarked to tEe i-eu:)tor t-hat this staat agtation oí í.he tari.'I quest:oii j was ere itjnig great ruin and distresü iin thJa country and ought t: le stop ped, as kis pearsonal experience liad shown tliat the farmers all around about ttofe elity oï Roches:er had been cultivatliio; tobacto ior anaiiy j7ears vei'y (kuoeesluily, tJLat he himself liad sold a íarin amd the payments liad Iveen piO'!ii])tly made until last iall, w'.ün he was advteed tliat the notes oould iiot be paid. Upoii inqulry he ioimil that the farmers were unab'.e lo eell thrir tobáceo, the dealers claiming that their iear oi tariïi i.h itJges anade it inrpossible [ör xhrm to take any chance of laylng in a Slipp'jV. The gentleman argued that thls ivas a great wrong, whereupon tin1 senator, tak'nig hifi tead peoas-U, drew a oaig line land Baid : "Yes ; ie is all wrong. I believe we onglit to draw t.lie line and say th,at for a year we woultl T.ot interïcre with thls tariïf.'' 1 h.e ri mark was then made to the fceaator tli it lï he would not interfere witli it during their administration, thea all Ameriean industries would again be npon {eet very qui k'y aind the people in employment a.s beiore. There is now interest as to how thLs senator wül vote.- Econmist.


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