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Good Roads Movement

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The agrlcultural department has iss-uert a circular to be sent to all railroad presidente in tlie United Staten olfering euggesiions for their co operatioa iii tlie good-roads movement. Many of the radlroad companies have made .onceírS'ons in traneportlng road materials ranglng ïrom half ratee to free carrliige. Oihers have otfer cl to carry the freiglit at the bare C0;t ol' hauling whenever a general road iimprovement is undertaken. lt is s-ug'gtsied th:U the latter plan be generally adopted. The metbod of coraputiirí ttie eoït, ir is citcil, could be detined and a l:oaid constituted for adjiisting tire ratea to be granted, in accord nee with local eonditions. The circular says : "íSuch a coimbined coni B68 oí woulil i;e of imimenfie value to the .public, vliile it wMild involve Httle actual expense to tlie campantes, a ml its bare aunouncement Avould do more to advanee the road movenient ih n years o purely eduiatlonal work. It would lx.' .uu Lntpiration to promp-l anioa ly i tite anti local authorities throughout the union. iShould nnyth.'.oig in the state or national Htatutes be ioumd to inhibit such diserhniïiatloü in vate-, tlie Legislativo autboritiea would jio doubt qulckly rennove the obst&ole in the interest oí the public welüare."


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