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A suanmer s'hool tor teachers at Te-umsch, begimning July 2d. A (laii'i" is all tibe oelebratjan that ■Yayue iolks expec-t to iuüuige in July 4tli. The Baptist iadtes hold a social at Iíicliard Greeue's, Mancliester, Juno 28ili. A jií'AV isaviiigs bank. ■wiüi 30,000 capital, lias beeoa orgauized at Mianciieeter. Climou village reports a gain of $■45,000 over ltust year on lier asgesámeat roll. TJie tieranan Beuevolent Society will hold a picnic, dance etc., in their Si ove at Manchester on July -í. 'Uuy liave a -crazy Schilling down at Plyjnouüi. The tíg-ht oí a shilling wöuM an:ike alnioit anyone crazy illfSi' (1 IJS. Tlie eo.uicil of Milán requires the saloons oí tliat place to close their doors ai ü o'olock p. m., on all ïut Saturday niglits, when the lime is extended oae liour. Aa epidemie is spreading among oi tJie young men oí Clinton lateiy. They ave leai-nlng to t:p thelr hats to tlu-ir lady friands.- Clinton l.o.-iil. Quite commemda'W.e. Mis. Mary Eowsteel, Avife of Dr. I ov.-u',l, Uiied at lier home in Ypfiilanti last '1 lmisday, aged íil years. tíhe h ui lived 'ihere lance L865. Leaves a bufsbaind aud one daughter. Petereburg B:hools had eommeiioem. ui; ,,1-m week, S-upt. Patteugill Live mg i iii1 BUureen wuiu aa n timsiastijally cheered by the entire i, wli.cli coasisted oí one gradúate, i The 82d birthday oJ Peter 3resser waa telebiiitcd by We relatives and niriuls last uuclay. He Ua.s lived ín th.'.s toüir.y iiirty-iiiiif iears, and in ih s eity mine years. - Ypeilanti OoanlUL'ic.:al. Ypsüaiiii is gettJng along wlth, the i.iii:;l! iox n.-;in' niiicii better than l)etioit. Tlif city uliiciaJe in Ypei. were not loiitert'i-í, but tliey moved as II tJie oA Ndck was alter tltem- md vlio w.ill eay tdiut waan't '.' Detiok people are begmn 113 to inquire atout Xorüivö-e boardiug tuousee witii a view oï speinliiig the suimmer tere. N'o prettler place in tlii' 1 tute can be iouiil uul just now Kortliville oever 1 eeaneü quite so leautiiul before.- Record. The giailuatina' Clase WliO go irom our s-t-liool 10 day are ; Mjiim E. Bor(üiii'. M:u-y A. Briggs, Kate C. Burkliaru Caiottáltte L. Culleu, Itla Moutcmye, ( lara Ij. Sabimid, Agnesw R. Sea-rs, Lulu M. Valéatdaie and (,'ora L. ïoung. - Saline Observer. At Dext&r tlie o.ïier day, Asa 15iovii and Asa Wleeler were Bued by John ana lï.'H Kim;-, an1 a JU1T gave a verdict agaiiist theuu. Thought two Asas ahvaj-es beat two Kümgs. Bob Síihcn-k i lioultl revise his last eiïit.ou oí the great National g-ame.- Adiian Prss. The Xoithv lie Record and I'lymoutli Mail are trying to knook each other out over u. recent g.unc oí l.ül at Korth.ville. 'Each lias made a base aiiíl iiow iLOlds up hals liands iov a Üeidi-ioo, whieli the umpire wUl withhold umü die is out of shootiug" dit-tanee. Tiine's too ishort, boys. An elegant new pair of pants were spoiled one evening last week, wheu tJieir owaer lat on a newly iainted porcdi. How the young lady whom hu was entertaiiiiug esoaped the painc is ] iniilOrstaiiilmg.- Iludí on tost, 'ihii l' tnan is better posted ïlian hO would have you At the ineetúng oí 'the board oï direc Ora ji' Chelsea Uoiiou Agriculiural tío.iety, tlie iollowkig offlcers were eleeted : Pres.- Mark Lowry ; vice president-Win, (j.ean ; BeL-retary- ti. Li. (ajfe; eecretary- V. P. Schüiik. 'ihe Beleoted lor the fair was Oclooer 9ih, lOth and llch.- ClieUsea iandaid. You havo read ubout C'oxey, you hav,' lieard tiixjut Ouxey, buc yuu .11 lee loxey, mus bil Mi UU best stik k cloihes in Kjuth lyou July ■Jttli. Doa't 'to hu ju lmiid to bee l oxey (Wid liis ai niy enter the Vlllagv luie ilay we celébrate. - So. Lyou l.irri-.ui'. lie iure juid have li.m keep oïi lie gra-s. The Dexteritea are very liappy over ,-ecui.JLS1 Hun. James McNamara, o Ajlabama, to oale lor theni 011 July 4th. He is a kine speaker, a farmer Eexter boy, tuiil wjII give tlie people ir'uelv .a talk tus wlll warm their oolhlooded piatrioítsan, tliat is, il' it luw tooled .uiy. All Dexter Wil! weljOQme you ii you will g-o tdiere out lie 4tli. Lat tiueday aiternoon a trriíÍ3 thuiiider ind lightinug storm, paiiJed by a goodly íall of rain, pased over tiiis viiiage. The large popul;ir tree wiiicli KtMuls iu front of liert SunLüi's residente was Btruck by JigJxtiaing and torn to tamithereens. - owlervllle Observer. ïlie treu proved irsili "popular" wltb the liglitniing. An entamotagioal Ooxey in the torso oï a rose boog, is doimg great damagie to all sorts of (lowera, includinig grap e blo-soms. BeeAdes, they are att.ukIng a.pples to an cxtent -mhich promists Uir destrucb'JOin of tlie entire erop. "Whai ,-ciins oï all is, tliat ilu'v are proof against Paris green, Ixndon Purple, helebore and every o her il: n v irWÜ ■ ■ -Yp-siUiati .11. A maai destriictive liaJÍ storm asscd over the western part oí the trnvnsiiíp, SatuiHiay eveajtog', doing tnany tliousands of dollars düjnage. Geo. I'acküid says $1,500 wOJ not make good liis loss, -ttliiïe iiiauy others lose a less aimomit. Tiús is in nearly tliu same track as tlie cyclone in April '93, land also another storm later in. tJtó teason.- Dundi-e Iedger. The cnglneer of the electrie light station at YpeUanti, has fiad so much ditüíulty iu making elsctrlMty know its plaee and has been so shocked at its olKSthiaiy, he has been compelled t o procure a pnir of rubber gloves, and anuounces readiness to meet his opponent in a ving, Marquie oï Oorbott rules, or in a gu as you piense in the bai-k yard, a la I'ort Hurón demcoracj'.- Adrián Press. Tli,e eight-yeav-old datighler of Horaoe Rotgens of Masan, swallowed a sllver Jiali dollar the other day, Enraged that im 'these bard times liis oivn ctolld i houkl joim the money sharks in contraeting th.e currency. Eiogere ran ïull oí lard and lxlted a doctor. The emetic did lts vork amd wlien he returned, lard and oa,sli were botli in Hight. - Stockbrklge Sun. Tliat is the siickest way oï bring up eUver yet heard oí. Carry tlie ne"vs to Colorado. Tliere re altogettter too many Coxeyitee ia t.his ooimtry ; too many Towlfi-, dry goods box loafers and traanpB. We linr ruht licre in Map.cliesu'i- Beveral men wliose . oee ara constanily liouglit. Th.ey seádoon hiave a day isa. wliicaa to work oiïii gardenia or to do oild jobs of repairtoig or improYememt at home; thcy niT always trasy toe the weather dry or wet, oold or Jiot. 'Why '' Beoause tliey wlliing and anxipus to work cvt-ry d:iy. aaud Uiey get lair wages, too. This eeascm we have had coneJáerable of work to be done liut liave trouble in getting it done wihn we wtmted it ; ilrst, beoause the tousy m.eai had jobs ahead and we we had to walt our turn. Oood woikiT-, uil those who ave wiUing to work, eau always iin;l plenty to


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