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W. I'. Bryam, ;.:t, '7!. is at Oommen n nit ni exei cdses. Mr. 1). A. ïïnker nul son are ai Ií:iy VAew'íor ili' smmmer. J. O. Bt. :in.l fanii'.y have giome 10 .Wu'aiu),"1, Por ;li" sumí er. Mr. na 1 Mis. W. E. Walker and Misa Maggi-e MoDivitt are at Zukey Lake Ex-KiüTin ïias. ü. Whitman h ■■ béen ín Washington, I). ('.. during the week. Pred C. Bro-wm, of tihe D.tiíy Taños ! KMinii'il Tihursday from a trip to g. Dakota. E 1 [ ng-ay, of Torouto, Ont., has in'-u risitdmg has brother T. V., for a l:iy or so. Mrs. E. MorreU S-m't!i has gone to Bay Viéw íor i.lie summer, _accorap:micd hy íier fanrly. M:-s. JlibiTt Wood-warcU of Finí, s ■ i Qüing coiiiiiicnc-cnient week witll ,r;r;i ■- i:: ihe city. W'. '!'. VhcI'o:i of Norwood, Mass., tUTpi s i his ini-ciüs Hy w.-ilkiusí in Saturday nioriuing. Mrs. Gaspar Rínsey has returned :ion Detroíí, where Eihe "vas calletl by ilu' iltoees oí hcr mother. Mr. .iiüI Mrs. Milo B. Da vis ana i li idicn, oí 1 ctroit, vreie gueste over Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Keitli. Joh.n II. Graait, lit. '82 who ís one oí t,]i? leaidtog lawyere oí Mamlstee, ís -1 n ■üu.jc tJie 'week about the UniverBlty. Miss AM i' Gramer returned from Marquette Monday, accompanied by her nieoe anl nephew, Marjoi-ie and Coa S. Wadte. ífis. ,T. E. Wymam anl ilaugliter, Miiga Ethel, of New York, arrived Satnvd-iy to visit Jut mother, Mrs. Canwell, oí ibis c-i ,-. Mies Oarrie AVaiis has be -n ehoscn by t.h" ocho 1 board to t iks M,'S3 Toving's place in tlie libra ry dnring lier year's lea e ■ i absence. Dr. T. C. Phiïlps and wlfe. white '11 Xa-ples vccently. met Mr. and Mi-s. Jollín Sheehan on a Bteamier bounl tor tlie Isla.nd Dï npri. The omee '.■inrliur face of M. M. Steffy is neen on our streets once more. He has been travel'mg through the southenn stat es tor several weeks. CommiseioneF C. H. Morse, of Carean City, was in the city Monday, look!ng up labor statistics, and made a. pleastiut cali at the ('ónrier oi'C. George AVahr loaves Aun Avbor uext wiek JIcHiday l:or a f!x week's Imsi2ieL8 tnip in Emrope. He expects to Ad i : Emgfoiad, Pranae, ■Switzertand, Geranamy and Italy i'n tliat time. D:-. I,. .T. (iibbs of Chk-opee Falla, Mase , was in the city over Sumlay aiii-1 Mond'iy. He eame to accompany Mts. GMbbs hitwn, who has been visitin ï Inre a lew we ík Mts. M. Ifiaidry, of B. Ann st., expeets to leave abont July lst for the scasliore. tihe 'M be accompamled by iber da;i.n'lifer Balie, who Ls not in good health, and wlü remain for the summer. Win. Stagg and i.on., oí Detroit, were in nttendanee on t.he High School alumni i-euuion. Mr. B. was iormerly a resident iiere, afterwards deputy state .treasurer and now ca?h'er of the Wayne Co. Savlags Bank.


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