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WANT COLUMN. Short advertisements not to exceed Miree j Unes, or Lost or Found Houses i'or Sale or Reut, Wauts, etc., inserted three weeks" for 25 cents. Situations wauted. Iree. AHORSE- Any peraon baviug a buggy horse whicli they do not want to use for the present can íi i id good care and feed ior its use by applying to J. B. Saunders, Courier Office. WANTKD - A horse wauted to keep during the summer for lts use. For partlculais enquii'e of K. G. Calkins, B4 South State st. FOR SALE- Two Farms. Mrs. Xorth's farm near couuty farm and Bullock-Everett farm in Salem town. Andrew E. üibson, 30 Maynard street, Ann Arbor. i'.m KOTICE TO JOHXSTOX'S CREDITORS. 0 Anyone haring bilis contracted by E. F. John'ston, late a student of Aun Arbor, v 11 coufera favor by seuding them wlth f uil particulars lo C. p. Baeou, Marlboro, Mass., the man who furnished the money for his educa tiou at Ann Arbor, Mich. 7 IpOK SALE - Horse, safe for auyoue to drive. Carriage and complete outfit. Goinsraway and have no use for thhm. Inquire at 92 Eat Washington St., Ann Arbor. 24 Notice to Water ïakers. The rules of the Water Coinpany prohlbit sprlukling except during the hours 'of 6 to S a. m.. and li to 8 p. m. Hereafter this rule will be strlctly enforced. A. K HALE, Recelver Motor Line Time. Taking effect Monday, Dec. 11, 189S. Leave Ann Arbor. f roin Court House, at 7 :25, 9:10 a. in., and 1:10 4:40 6 :40, lu:10 p. m. Leave Ypsilauti 7:15,9:00 a. m. and 1:10,4:30 6:30 and lu:OOfi. ra. SUNDAY TIME. Leave Ann Arbor from Court House at 1:10, 4 :40. 6 :40, and 10:10 p. m. Leave Ypsilanti from Congress St. at 1:00, :30, i1' :30. aud 10 :00 p . m. Nights of entertainment the last train will uheldto accommodate those wishing to at' tend if conductor is notijied. All cars run on city time. Coupon tickets 15 cents, for sule by couductors. J. E. BEAL. Pres.


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