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Bucklen's Árnica Salve. The Best Salve in the irorld for Cuts, Brulses. Bores, ülcers, Salt Eheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands. Ohillblains, Corns, and all skin Eruptions. and positively cures Piles or no pa.v required. It is jjuaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son. Au oKl love letter- L. Hutzel's Water Back ! A very important invention whicfc will be hailed with delight by every body using a stove or range for hol water circulation. After years of ex perience we have succeeded in pro ducing a simple and perfect WATER BACK. It overcomes all the present troubles of extracting lime and other sediments which accumulate in watei backs, often making them useless and in great many instances becoraing dangerous. The outlay of dollars is reduced to dimes. No household using a range can afford to be without it. No more trouble by using city water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Ask your stove dealer for Hutzel's Watei Back. Mason & Davis Co's. ranges foi sale at C. Eberbach are provided wrtl our improvement. Everybody cali and examine thi useful invention. HUTZEL & CO., Plumberg and Steamfitters. ANN ARBOT?, - - MIOB. TO FARMERS The Ypsilanti Robe and Tanning Co., feeling certam that they can make it an object to you, invite you to cali at 25 S. : Huron St., Ypsilanti, and examine samples of goods of our make. Our business is to tan Furs and Hides, and manufacture to order Robes, Coats, Capes, Gloves and Mittens. Or we will pay CASH FOR HIDES. CUSTOM WORK. We will do Custom Work, tanning hides for owners at reasonable figures. Farmers can thus secure first-class Robes at nominal prices. We make a specialty of MOTHPROOF ROBES from hides of cattle, which to be ttppreciated must be seen. Cali and see us. YPSILANTI Robe and Tanning Co„ 25 S Hflron St, YPSILANTI MICH. IT IS HUMAN NATURE To Want Somethina; for Nothing. wmw m m; t F, lOöIiiocery Store, 4 & 6 BROADWAY. This is the way it is done : With every cash sale, whether it bel0cor$50, we give you a coupon showing the amount purchased, and when you have bought groceries or any goods in our line to the amount of $40.00, $45.00 or $50.00, you can have vour choice of the 20 Beautiful Pieces of Silvemre ! Such as Sugar Bowls, Spoon Holders, Cream, Fruit, Caster, Berry, Pickle and Butter Dishes, Etc. CALL AND SEE. Remember, everything in the Grocery Line sold cheap for cash. W. F. LODHOLZ 4 & 6 BROADWAY. W. S. MOORE, D E N T I S T. Work done in all forma of modern dentistrv; crowu and bridge worb a special ty. Gradúate of the U. of M. Office, 57 S. Main st Ann Arbor, Micb. ly. WOODS PHO9PHODINE. The Great Enfflish Remedy. flRS. B9te Promptly and permanently sT 'yMM oures all forms of Kcrvoits JSPfK HK ï gËWeakne$stjLini3sio7ts, Spernv J ifjcSJ "xjfí ÍIÍÜÍ"f't'a Impotency and all VVÉSmJ Eeen. preseribed over 35 WfVBl ■■fPfcy ears ln thousaudsof cases; íirí andAfter. the onlylieliableavd Ho e3É Wlfiaicine Arnoicii. ASE drugglst tor Wood's PhosDhodine; if he offers some worthlcss medicino iu place of this, leave ïua dishonest store, inclose price in letter, and we win send by return mail. Price, one packago, Sl;six, S5. One icillplease, sixwillcure. Paniphlet in plain sealed envelope, 2 cents postage. Addresa The Wood Chemical Co., 131 Woodward avenue. Detroit. 3Iich, Sold in Anu Arbor and everywhere by all druggista. riTHIS YEAR THE BOYS WILLWANT TO X economize: luit yon cairt nfford to always walk Lien FOLHEMUS has added a lot of new stylisb rigs, before hard times were upon us. aud uow is determined to make the pi'ices so low, that it will be a pleasure to spend n dollar uow and theu. 8addle Horses for Ladies and Geutlemen. I ain preparad to auswer all calis for Hacks with the finest turnouts in tlie eity. Cali up POLHEMUS by Thoue, or order at barn, corner Maiu and Catherine streets. ('ars from rjnlverslty stop at our office. &yr Sept. 27. 1804. Michigan ( Tentral "The Mayara Falls Route." TIME TABLE IN EFFECT JUXE 10, 1894 CENTRAL STAND AED TIME L 'é 6= í B j Bj '■ '■ d : W : : á.' K ?.rMr. 'M?.?.?. I si ÍSS5SE JESSa i . m láS j : ES k ES ::::: ES cu . . üa ca coa = ??? . !??? 82 ;S S : : JSS3 ■fl i4rö 1 33 ó; i yí fl, 4 - 'êi -ei ' ' -31 5 L SE :g SS W a á & s : i ????S2S H ÍS88828SSS88S L 5 j ji ' isa 1 jj j s a ; ; ; ' s e. : : '■''■ á élss : i : JEE E EE j i j S s : : : ; es áé '■'■'■ '- ' & H Sfiï : i jsa :S8 ai 8S i j : Y3 : : JSS3 , ' T J "■" I ÍS í í i I OO ■ ■ - O J "W g E s j j i i ; = L f EE ; j j j B h5 sí á : : : : : , á '■ '■ '■'■' om SSí5 : : :5 i ÍS2 S SSS f ;S.: : SSS g 2. o ' " - . 6 g ES _ == S - sí ce d c3 -ir - H í óát-iotaoxxacc. 3ï - tío ; i i i j i i ;■L! i j i : i I i i i . IJ! UI ! i 11 : Mi i i i i i 1 i:::::::-:: B :::::::f:: M i Miiiiisii S iisiii i ;iiij 0 I ! c ' ■ :8 . Sjl 5 llj SÍ ÍÍ8 gsïL:: = ï= lis! S"- Ib! G W. RDGGLES, H. W. 1IAYES, G. 1'. &. T. Agt., Chicago Agt. Aun Arbor. . TOLEDO n AnnarboW NORTH MICHIGAN? (T RAILWAY. ' '-J 1 a&_!teL 3Say cty II mlrw RtJM'5%JKrs - Pf L_-[ South Benï "7T7tlËdCj u; Ft. 'yiievj -■1po3l: :z-cnC. TIME TABLE. XAKING EFFECT STT2T:E.&_-2 SO. 1S94. Trains leave Anu Arlinr bv Central Standard time. NORTH. SOUTH. 7:15 A. M. 7:25 A. M. 12:15 P. M. 11:30 A. M. 4:15 P. M. 9:00 P. M. +9:15 a. M. t8:15 p. m. ♦Trama run between Ann Arbor and Toledo onlv+Trains run Sunday only. W. H. Bennett, G. P. A. R. S. Greenwood, Agt EBERBACH ti SONS, ANN ARBOR, SELL BELOW PILLS. T A TlTTTC! TRY LE DUC'S "PEJ_lXXÍ-'Xjtll!O RIODICAL" PILLS from Paris, France. Established in Europe 18S9, Canada in 1878. For Suppressions, Irregularities, and Mouthly Derangements. A reliable raonthly medicine. They always relieve. Any druggist, $2. American Pili Co., Proprietora Spencer, Iowa. Robert Siephenson & Co., Wholesale agents,and all other druggist3 in Ann Arbor. These pills are warranted to brine on the " chance. CAN I OBTAIN A PATEXT ? For a prompt auswer and an bonest opinión, write to MU1ÍN ifc ('., who have bad nearly flf ty years' experience in the patent business. Communications strictiy confldeutial. A Ilandbnok of Information concerninff Patpnts and bow to obtain thera sent f ree. Also a catalogue of mechanical and sciontifle books sent free. Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive special noticeintbe Scienlific American, and thus are broupbt widely beforetbe public without cost to the inventor. This splendid paper, issued weefely, elegant lyillnstrated. bas byfar the largest circulation of any scientiflc worfc in tho wo'rld. $3 a year. Specimen copies sent free. Building Ed'ltlon, mouthly, 2.50 a year. Single copies, '2 5 cents. Every number contains beautiful plates, in colors, and photographa Oí new houses. with plans, enabling Duilders to show the latest desisms and secure contracts. Address MUÜN & CO., New Youk, 3(il Bboadwat. BURBANK & DEXTER, BERRY& APPLEBEE, Proprietors. I AI ■■■ laill The best Hlstory of the nnT TTni TjTTv the u s froni Lhe dis1 1 n i covery of America to UUm U titU U M the Present time. "?jsf I CQLUMBIA For special terms appiyatouce to PALESTINE PUB'G CO., Elkhart. Ind. BOOK A.aEISTTS PRIZE HISTORYOF THE GREAT FAIR. The World's Columbian Esposition Zllustrated received the Highest asd ONLY Award at the World's Fiür, as the Richest Illustrated and the Most Authcutu1 rtnd Complete History oí the World's Columbian Expositiou. Sells at sight. Large Commissions. Esclu sive Territory. Enclose 10c in stamps for terms and par ticulars. Address .T. B. CAMPBELL, ïan-ioi Adam Street. Chicago. 111.


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