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Resolution Regarding Consumption

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At the of Michigan health offlcers held in this city last week, the following resolution ofliered by Dr. Henry B. Baker, were unanimously adopted: "Resolved, That it is the judgment of this conference of health officers and other delégales of Michigan boards of health, that consumption (and other diseases due to the bacillus tuberculosis) should be included in the list of 'Diseases dangerous to the public health,' referred to in sections 1,675 and 1,676, Howell's Statutes, requiring notice by householders and physicians to the local health offlcer, as soon as such a disease is recognized. "Resolved, That we recognize the following f acts: "1. That tuberculosis is the most grave and fatal disease now affecting the health and lives of the people of this state, destroying about three thousand lives per year. "2. That this disease originates principally by transmission f rom man to man or from man to animáis and again I to man. "3. That the spread of this disease can be best arrested by the disinfeetion of the sputa and other discharges, by special supervisión of those infected, and by the care of such persons under conditions which will prevent the tranmission of the disease to others. "4. That such disinfeetion and supervisión cannot be carried out in the crowded houses of the poorer classes, and "6. That, under conditions which will prevent reinfection, many consumptives may be permanently cured, and returned to their homes and work, educated in the methods of restricting the disease. In view of these facts, "Resolved, That this conference, by its offlcers, respectfully memorialize the next legislature for an appropriation suffleient for the purpose of building, equipping and maintaining a state hospital for consumptives. "Resolved, That the planning, construction and equipping of the state hospital for consumptives may well be entrusted to the state board of health. "Resolved, That the location of the hospital should be sueh that it may be accessible by railroad to the thickly settled parts of the state, and such as to permit of outdoor exercise and light outdoor labor whenever the weather will permit. "Resolved, That though consumption is the most dangerous communicable disease a hospital can be so planned, equipped and managed as that it shall not seriously endanger the neighboring inhabitants, and as it is desirable that it shall contribute the largest amount of sanitary education to the teachers and to the people of the state, therefore, "Resolved, That it is the judgment of this conference that the proposed state hospital for consumptives should be located at the seat of the State University at Ann Arbor, in order that it may afford the best opportunities for the observation and study of this most important disease in conjunction with the investigations now being so satisfactorily pursued in bacteriology and other departments of sanitary science, at the state laboratory of hygiëne. "Resolved, That this conference Hereby memorializes the legislature of Miichigan at its next session to take such action as will result in a knowledsre of the extent to which dairy cattle and other animáis milk, meat or other food producís to the people of Michigan are infected with tuberculosis. Also that it take such action as will tend to stop the spreading of tuberculosis animáis, and from animáis to man."


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