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The result of the electtonfi yesterday ie very gratifyimg to the republiicams. Yóictory lias come to t.hem, and in such a way that iit will be many years. before their democratie oppoments can gatlier themselves and return to the battle with any heart. "We do no't say that the demoerais are dead. Noft by any means. But they are so stunned that it "vill take a time for thein to recover. Prom the latest 'returns it appears that nearly every state in the Union has turxued over to the republicans. In New York Levi P. Morton has deíeated the lieretofore invincible David B. Hill for govemor by an estimated plurallity of 150,000, and for the I iiirst time in liistory almost, New York i city has a republican mayor. many beilng Kwcpi out of power tJiere by a handsoiine niijoiiiity. Tlie next nat'ional House of Kepreisentatives "vill be republifcaai by a large majority, about 220 rcpulilii'.iii members being chosen tliereto. Pennsylvaniia ewee-pe in line with 225,000 repubjicaii majoiity, Ohio follows with 125,000, then comes "Wlscons:,ii, ('aliforni.'i, Illinois, and in fad every aiortliern state in wliich election was lirld, including New Jersey, T)elaware, and prolxibly Missouri. In Midi san it is a clean sweep. Gov. lüoh is M-elected by 75,000 plur.ii'iy easy, every republican congpeseinan has lee.n elected and tlie republícane will iiavi' the joint leiiislatnre by 100 majoriiy. Wayne eoimty i.s so.idly pepublican. In 'Wash tena w oonnty lias been the most complete chaage that luis ever been maile in lts liistoi-y. Fot the iiist time in the remeniliranee of man the republicana ha-'ve made a clean sweep, from sheriff ilown to coroner, and a repnblücan majority has been given every Btate official and congreesman ii present reporta can be relied tipon. To Xew Orleans the Queen & Crescent Route is the direct line. 90 miles shortest from Cincinnati. Solid Vestibuled Train s. The Queen & Crescent Route is the best equipped and shortest line to Florida. Solid Vestibuled Trains and Througli Sleepers.


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