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We need TWENTY or MORE original and ', -- = striking designs for Newspuper -, , - ments of SANTA CLAUS SOAP. Tüe i - - facturera, The N. K. Fairbank Company, , ; : thorize us to pay TEN DOLLARS EACH for - - approved drawlngs wltta appropriato = ing; or $5.00 eacn for designa orreading : " teronly. ïhis olfer is open to all. " " R petition will cluso December 1. As soon as t Ifl Tl possiblo afterthat date we will pay for acceptr , i Mf Vi K ed designs and return the others. Remember, , Tv i& for complete, acceptabl advertisements we , , pay í' Directlons.- Malte drawlngs wlth black ink 3 on heavy white paper, or card board. Do the . J jj work Ín outline. Elabórate shading will not , i "arfii íí" print well. Space i n papera will be fourinehes , I I square. Drawtolai-gerficaleifyouprefer, but , ,3 JB. VJ' JsL ' have design square. The idea is most i c tant. If thatlsgood wecan have itredrawn ■ and still give yon credit. Avoid poetry. Get i w -a upanad.thatv.Tonldmake?o!tbuythearticle. ' jr-M yf. jpte m Points.- Santa Claus is a pure, high-grade ' ' i E f a Sí Eík Soep- mado for laundry and general h ! 9 8k 3 "nii) JL.B_ jZ3 liold use- a favorito whereverknown. Merits a sa. ■■ -nar '. genero„s praise. Sold by all grocers, i ' sale and retail. i ' -z - = Do your best, and send resulta promptly. l , -=- = Address (only) ' ' e - i-pzL .. ;, Newspaper Adveriising Agents, f == ==ËÊypH PHILADELPH1A.


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