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French Justice Is Very Severe Upon

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oleomargarine frauds. A dealer at Cherbaurg, Franee, was recently found guilty of mixing oleomargarine with his butter, and was conipelled by the court to go to jail for tliree months, to pay a I fine of $400, and to publisli the fact at bis own expense in thirty newspapers, besides paying for posters to the sanie effect to placard the town. The introduction of French law into this country would canse the manufacture of hog reíase butter to beconie a verj' unpopular trade. Ths legislature of Ohio passed a law two years ago, requiring electric street cars to be vestibuled, in order to protect the motormen from inclement weather. Thu owners of the street car routes resisted and tookthe matter to the courts. A decisión has just been rendered holding the law constitutional, and now the motormen will be protected from bad weather. This is a hint to the legislatures of other states. Such a law for all states, and for all street cars whether electric or not, should be passed and then obeyed. The BratLsh eople are extrcmely modest. Once on a tone they wanted the people of this country to pay for the tea used by a band of men who attempted to turn Massachusetts Bay luto a cauldron, by eniptying a cargo tuereof therein. The red coats iaulcd to force the collection, liowever. Now these same people, after having a little tiff with a South American country, moilestly ask tlie Nicaragua n govornment to pay $7,000,000 for a little strip of ivhat is kmown ns the mosquito coast. It is posslble tliey may get nnotlier bite. As tothe fertilizer questiou, no farmer should get the "fever" and rush into it without knowing just what he is about. It is certainly true that iertilizers pay somc farmers while others have used thetn without profit. Every farmer should study into the condition of his soil, market, and crops, and inake experiments in a reasonable way. One thing is certain, when fertilizer is used it must be applied very liberally. Don't spread it all over the farm. It will pay beet (in high priced crops, and its use should go hand in hand with thorough tillage. Pertilizer paye best when used by the liest farmers.


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