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■ SoiUjp weeks ago tJie Üourier liaii tüiñe 10 say of a grdmdLug monopoiy, tliat luys tribute on those who seek knowledgie : II Kü'iue om; wouW only tiike up the text Look inibli-liars and concoct some pLaai by wJiich tliey co'Uld be brought to temas, that person wouid earn ïor 1;:ihm:.ï tho gratitude of the peopie Of tliis natiuu. 'lhe piices tluit have tu be p-aid lor school books is shuply robbery, noth:ng morí nor less. Books that do jiot cost publJshing houses Uiteen cents a piece are soid to tuilents obUged to purcJiase theni at $1.25, $1.40 and even a.s high as $1.75. Here is ti mouoijoly that ougiht to bc tótruck down in some way, lor il is ïi ba-r aad hindrance to education, the very thlng upon which the aiation piridien itself.- Ann Arbor Courier. The Biighton Express quotes the above and ays : ïhere are volumes ;n the paragraph above. it is a. questiuu mat is before tlie people every day a;nd yet 110 remedy Seems vithin reach. VVhat is our state legislatura good l'or iï it can not or willl not help the people ander isueh circumta.nees ? Do not sucJi servants deserve to liave their heaxte kuocke'd togetlier and then be disclnirged in disgrace ? The ery for relief comes from thfe oppressive book monopoly has been going up for yeare I las the public no spirit for independence left witliin it that it wiil forever eubmit to such bare-1'aced imposdtion ? On this day the people of the state elect members of the legislature. As the Express says, the legielature eau remedy tltis eviil if it wlll. Öoine law eau be passtvd tnac will bring this species oï robbery at an end. It may take a wiee head to draft such a law, but -t is wittoto the possibilitiea, aad the only wonder is that no legislature has ever turned it attention to these text book pubidshers before. Wlioever is t-hosen ito represent thi thte eounty in the legislature to-day, we hope lie will give tlü.s his attention, and earn the everlasbing gratitude of the people.


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