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Kart E. Harrdman, the local correspondent of the Detroit Tribune, desaires to have it known that lie did not send dn the "rot" that eame out in that paper Wednesday morning, re.latiive to Halloween pranks in this cóty. It wafl nothlng to be proud of, and he ís antitled to this statement. Tüie makiaig up of sensational artïclee out oí whole clotli and sending tateelicfcde broadcast over the country, just for the sake of sellfiing a paper or two is a coniemptible piece ot business and ought to be frowned down by respectable journals. Tlie truth ought to be suffdeient for aay paper to deaire. B-ut it appears the truth is uot sufficieat to suit some (i.iil.v papers. Correspondente iiere have been dismissed beca use they reiused to become parties to this sort of thing. it la onij' a short time since that the Tribune dismissed a good republican correepondent. He sent down what actually happened and relused to draw on his imaglnation, for exa a penny a lime. Of couisr he didn't suit. Mr. Ma.ri-inian, the present correspondent says he was otherwLse ! gaged Halloween niight, and did not ! send a word of the falsehood.s so Kensatioeally told In ïhursday's Tribune. Iï a uewspaper decires to gain for itelf a good reputation, it can do it by telling tlie truth and requir'ing tlie isanie thing of its correspon(ients. Of couree it is any paper's pii-ilege to do as it desires, but in the end másrepiresentations will not pay, for tlie cojiimunity misrepresented will resent it. Tliu miserable truck given in the coln nis of the Evening News is barbarous and beastly. Ttoere is not a word of truth in it. Of course the News has a,n object in view- the kill■iiig oí the TJniversity- and people throughout the state so generally underatand that tact, that ite blood'iirdling vaporings are judged accordtngly.


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