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It Makes A Difference Whose Ox Is Gored

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The foÜowing actiele in taken from bhe Manchester Enterprise: If the newspapers In our neighboring lunas have denved any satisfacüon in publishing runiors about the small-pox scare here, we are glad of it. Any of tlieiu could have ascertained tlie truth of the matter by dropping us a card orcallng us by telephone, and it would have been better than to have published seen üntruthful rumora which they must have known would be an injury to our village. In the same paper we find this item : Nearly 1,000 studente of the TJniversity indulged in a rush last uight. Tlie laws were victorious. A large bonflre was built of fences, street raiïroad ties, and i coffin from tlie medical building, says the Tribune. The boys then grabbed each others' hats and threw theui in tlie fire. It makes an awful sight of difference wbose ox is being gored, doesn't it? Siu-li falsehoods are extreniely funny about other places, but when chickens come home to roost it's different, of course ! In justice to Manchester and to this paper, we give the Enterprise's own statement of the small-pox scare, taken from the same paper as are the above quotations : No new cases of varioloid or smallpox having appeared within nearly two weeks past, the village board of health has raised the quarantines, and public meetings, schools, etc, will be resumed. It will be a great relief to our citizens, and our merchante liope that business will improve. And this one also : It is not an uneommon thing to see eripples in our village now most any time, and in al most every direction, even men we supposed were of a sound, healthy description, but perliaps it may be explained by the motions we see as everv one of them seems to be goiug for that left arm and crying, Praise ! we have escaped the small-pox.


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