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A Silver Wedding

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On Mondan evenimg, Öct. 22nd, Mar. and Mrs. J. F. Waltrous celebrated their 25th anniversary, or silver wedding, at the home of Mrs. Waltrous' parcnts, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Jewett, of Lima . The occasion alniost vied with the original íor briliiancy and pleaeure. There were about {ifty relativos, fii'iuls and neighbors in attendance, and the presenta given the silver bi-ide nd groom were not only numerous, irat valuable. One thing is quite remarkable, outside of the immediate family, there were only jtwo people present who attended the tnarriage services 25 years befoire. These tivo were Mr. W. E. Stocking of this city, and Mr. W. lv. Gueiin, of Lima. Tliis fact is an illustration of liow rapidiy the people of a community change. Toda : we are here ; t-morrow we kiiow not where we may be. The bride and groom of a quarter of a century are entitled to and will roceive tlie congratulations of their hosts of friends. Twenty-tliree and one-fourth Ibs II. and E. granulnted sugar for $1 at Maynard's, State Bt.


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