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How To Stop Baby Crying

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A nurse who lias had a great deal of experienee sends the following árdele relative to colic in infanta, and liow to cure it, that will be a blessing to niany amother - and fatlier, also,for that niat-1 ter - jLdt will accomplish tlie desired object: ■' The reniedy is very simple, and can certainly not be harmfulifit accomplishes no good. Humorous allu.sious to "collicky babies" are never fully appreeiated until the condition is observed in each individual's own offspring, and then someliow the humorous side is gone, for of all rest-distiybing ailments, colic takes the ead. Over-feeding is a proliflc cause, and yery often by reducing the feed supply ;he ailment disappears of itself. But mué qualities of the milk will produce ■olie, sö t lia t it is as v.cll to have a cure eady. It nearly ahvays comes atnight, mt cannot be timed invariably, for if the motliei' or nurse count on a couple of liours' rost throngh the day, it is just as likely to arrive then. "Total depravity" can be applied to colic as well as other thinj ïlie syuiptoma are sudden piercing ries and contraction of the lègs. Sonic ttacks are very sevefe, while others re mild. Catuip téa and paregoric, he remedies of 6ur grandmothers, are f little use, for they oiily soothe withut expelling the wind which causes the isturbance. Drops and cordials are seless for the same reason. Pepperïint was about the only thing then sed, which removed the cause, and lat was made to stupefy by adding audanum. Tlie reinedy now in vogue with uniormly good results is soda mint. ïlie ablets are sold extensively for indigeson, but a liquid form is the beat for abies. Get a 10 per cent. solution, nd for a cliild up to a month old tako ne half-spoonful of mint to tliree of arm water, slightly sweetened. Inrease the dose with age. The effect of tliis simple remedy in ïost cases is almost magical. The wind s thrown off in au incredibly short ;ime, and the after effect is to soothe ie nerves, so that sleep comes swiftly i its train. Tliere is nothiug deleterius in its composition, for the sole inredients are bicarbonate soda, monia and pip, menthol. Enough water must be added to kill the taste of the soda, which is very disagreeable. Hot applications to the stomach are of first importance ín this complaint. Flannel bands lieated . at the flre or wrung out of hot water, hot salt wrapped in flannel, or a hot water bottle next the skin all help i speedy cure. But no medicine is laSting. With attention to the diet the number and duration of attacks ma}' become shorter, but it will very likely be three months before they subside.


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