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Real Estate Transfers

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s G.and N. E. Walla.ce toWrn. E. Bel, lows. Ypsilanti 300 00 , Albert Warner to Frank J. Warner, York 2,000 00 " Albert Warner to E. D. Warner, York 2.0(10 0i SainuelFayto Gottlieb Heller, Scio 2,400 CO , C. M. Holmes, et al, to John M. Tuckèr, Ypsilantl - '00 00 " Kin ma E. James to Cassius M. Holj nies, Yi'sihinti 1 00 ■ H. J. Groves, by ex., to Anu Belding, 1 Aun Arbor :75 OU r Anu Belding to Albert Keinfert, Aun Arbor 525 00 Arthnr J. Kitsou to Bernhardt Mast, Ann Arbor 700 00 ! H. A. Kendall to Noah W. Holt, Manchester 2,500 00 " Ellen G. Tuttle to M. G. Scotuey, Ypsilantl .' 125 00 John G. Schneider to Mary Sclmeider, i Freedom 1 00 Heury Koch to Fred'k Stollsteimer, , Seio 800 00 Charles S. Gregory, by ex'r., to E. J. l'helps, Ann Arbor 1,800 00 Ella Buck to M. L. Woodard. Ann Arbor 2,200 00 I James Smalley to Adolph Kranich, I Aun Arbor i oo A. D. Kranich lo James Smalley, Ann : Arbor :__"_ 1 00 Mary E Bcnuett to R. H. Kempf, Ann Arbor 1 00 Fillibert Roth to M. L. MoGilvary, ann Arbor „ 400 00 Wm. Uhler to John G. Schrnids, Freedom 7(0 00 Puebe Walker to Ira N. Walker, Salem 100 , John Schueider, Sr., to E. & W. R. Schneider, Aun Arbor_- 1,000 00 : H. and T. Hntzel to S. Hutzel, Anr. Aibor i oo INI ate of Benjamin Tnvlor to O. and L. Schroeder, Ann Arbor __ 075 00 . Ensene E. DeForest to Wm. Goodyear, Ann Arbor 500 00 Patrick O'Brien to Bridget O'Brieu, ïpsilauti i oo , Byron A. Wright to H. M. and H. E. Twambley.Chelaea ï.ioo 00 Edwin J. Niles to Aarou B. Derbyshire, Augusta 1. 200 00 Moses Seabolt to Walter T. Seabolt, Anu Arbor i oo ; Deo A. Yocum, et al, to Adolia A. Ilowlett, Sylvau 50 00