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Two first banking institutions. Numerous beneficial and secret societies. Airs. Gdbson is building a new house in "Wlllte. Ome cigar factory employing a nuinber of men. Wiedl equipped and efficiënt iire department. Healthfulness and remarkable low death rato. One good flouring mili sending its goods to all parts of tlie country. Ome good eaw and planing mili, also cooper idiop, evaporators, etc. John Burns, of Wêüis,. who recently lost hóis barns by fire, is rebuikling. lts people are active, energetic and noted for their hospitality to strangfera. lts markets are lai-ge and supplied witli everything that can be desired at reasonable prices. It has ia jiieasant and healthful cliniate anil tts anitary condition could not be much better. (iood public (schools amd nearly all religieus deoioiniinatione nre iound here with line odiïices. Here are the advantagés thaï the tliiiviii"; little city of Clielsea osscses, as set forth by the Herald, of üiat place : The Miilage is well governed, taxation ïiot heavy, and the outlook is encouraging for all kinds of business in the future. It affords great advantages for investment in aiow manufacturing enterprases on account of choice locatio.n near th.c railroad and all enterpirósee af this nature will be encouraged. Clielsea is lighted by both are and imcandescent lights, and we have one of the most complete lighting plajits in the tate, owned by the Chelsea Electric I.ight Co., and bncked by large capital. The Simmo-co'lon Stock Farm has a consïgnment of 50 one and twoyear olds for tthe TattersaU annual Bale of horses, held in New York, November 27. They are Sidney and Simmic'O'.on stock.- Ypsilantian., A norse that has been ín the pound for some time was soid last T'liursday to 3ke Davis for 97. 50. After tlie sale it was discovered that the hm se was 'the property of 6. H. Hammond and ;t liad escaped from the pasture. It was valued at $100.rYpeSüamtlaii. The bus.'.ness men of Chelsea will gü've so'.id encO'Uragement to subst-antfcil manufactui-ing establishments. Ivocated as Clielsep. ie, in the midst of a lange farming population, working some of the best farms int he state of M&higan ; with unrivaled advanbagee as a shqiping center, and for ■the pi'oducing of raw material for manufacturóme purposes, it will pay amy one conteniplat:ng the establishment of manufacturdng industries to correspojid with any of 'our business men on thO subject. For the fi'rst time in its history, it migiht be lsaid that Chelsea is enjoying a "boom." Baich iis not the case, lmwevi'i-, as tlie valllage is deA-eloping what Jts citizens liavé leeu ])la:iin!:ng for it. .fn other wonls it e tlie reaping of a harwst, and although tliere fis much activity in nll circlfts, stjll it is nbtlilrig. inore Of less than a feöóë lu-althy st-owtli, and one that will last for years. ttan. Beach, at Ypeilunti, lias jnst built another green house, 20x00 ft. Augusta horees seem to be great ki"ko-s. Tliey take iairly accurate flim, too. TliO equine of Jay Dickerson got mad the other e veiling because Jay was carrydmg a lantern, amd aimeU .a hooi at the light which missed its mark and hit Mrs. I. who wlio was sittnig in the buggy to which the horse was attached. Then again a colt belonging to Allen Day took exceptions to Allen's familia rity and kicked him against a post, cuttsng both hls lips in an unpleasant manner. Dr. Poist dressed the wounds caused by the post's stopping Allen's rapód progress. Tlie practico quite common among certafin classes of people of killing neüghbors' chickens if they ■vander npoin a nian's land ds too often indulged èn. If a cow or horse strays upon neighboring property, thejr are seldoon molested, but according to law the crime of killing a cow or horse or sheep is no ga-eater than killing a chicleen. But the moral oí the matter lies in the tact that íf a mam has a right to kill stock he vould have the same right to bum lvis buildings or fences. Because a onaai is hired to do the shoot ing slioul'd In no way relieve him of the ciime ; no more than as though he had bsen Mïed to burn a building, wreek a train, or receive stolen property. - Dexter Iveader. It must be that the Leader man never had his garden or yard Bcratched up by his neighbor's poultry, pr lie never would championsd that side of the question.


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