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Bueklen's Armea Salve. The Best Salve in the world for dits, Brutee. Sores. Uleers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands. ('hülWains. Corna. and all skin Eruptions. and positively cures Piles or no pay required. It ia gnaranteed to give perfect satiefaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cent per box. For ale by Eberhach Sou. Notiee to Parents. The T.. A. A. & N. M. Ry. Co glve noticc that after thU date. eoniplaint wil] be made to the proaecuting attorney agalust eiieli child, boy or glrl, who makes a playround of this coni piiny's property, hoards movine or staudiu cars or in finy unv becomes a trespasser. Othe expedlents have failed. This iiotioe is posi tive. All trespassei's will be dealt iv'th accordlngly. 11. &. GREENWOOD, Ag-llt Poor Health aft No_Appetïte Neuralgia - Very Miserable Hood's Sarsaparilla Cave Cood Health. " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. : "Aboutone ago, I was in very poor health and had no appetite. I could not work, for I dld not have any energy. I was suffering with neuralgia and the pain was intensified by my being kicked by a horse. Altogether I Was Very Miserable and had fallen away so that I only weighed ninety pounds. I took doctor's medicine, but it dld roe no good. Perchance I notieed an advertisement of Hood's Sarsaparilla in the Christian Evangelist. 1 sent at once for a bottle of tho medicine. 'When I had emptied the bottle my appetite was quite good and I was A Cood Deal Stronger. I therefore kept on tih'tii f liad taken three botHes. By tliat time I was well, and my welght Hood'ss? Cures had Increased to 120 pounds. Mus. Sarah E. Pelt, Waltz, Michigan. ; Hood's Pilis cure constiparon by resto Ing the peristaltic action of the alimentary canaL á&fi UBUItl ""i" TrÁ B f Mlfá ftnJI It Cures Colds. Coughs, Sore Throat, Croup, j enza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. í A certain cure for Consumption in first stages, and a sure relief in advanced stages. TJse at once. Y ou will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Sold by dealers everywhere. Larga bottlea 50 cents and $1.00. Hiitzd's Water Back! A very important invention whicl will be hailed with delight by every body using a stove or range for ho water circulation. After years. of ex erience we have succeeded in pro ducing a simple and perfect WATEB BACK. It overcomes all the present trouble; of extracting lime and other sedi ments which accumulate in wate backs, often making them uselesi and in great many instances becoraing dangerous. The outlay of dollars is reduced te dimes. No household using a range can afford to be without it. No more trouble by using cit) water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Asl your stove dealer for Hutzel's Wate: Back. Masón & Davis Co's. ranges foi sale at C. Eberbach are provided with our improvement. Everybody cali and examine this useful invention. HUTZEL & CO., Phimher and Steam fitters. 4.N1ST ARRiVR, - . MTCB.. WALL PAPER WALL PAPER Of all the Latest Designs. EFIGIES tlie LOWEST OSCAR O. SOHG, Tlie XDecorator. 70 S. MAIIÍ ST., ANN ARBOK Sook'sCottoiiRoot B Pf( COMPOUND. Bv VA recent discovery by an old Y@k lm h i physician. Succcssfully tcsed j ggL J Z monthl by thousands of Xjgfr JjLadies. 13 the only perfectly SiB safo and rellable medicino discovercd. Beware of unprincipled druggists who offer inferior medicines in place of this. Ask for Cook'a Cotton Root Compound, take no i tute, or lnclose $1 and 6 cents in postage in letter and we will send, sealed, by return mail. Fullsealed particulars in plaln envelope, to ladies only, 2 stamps. Address Pon d Lily Co m p any. No. 3 Fisher Block, Detroit. Mich. Sold in Ann Arbor and everywhere by all druggists. TH IS YEAR THE BOYS WILL WANT TO economize , but you cau't afford to alwaya walkwheu POLIIEMUS has addedalot of new stylish rigs. before hard times were upon us, aud uow is determiDed to make the prices so Iov, that it wiU be a pleasure to spend a dollar now and then. Saddle Horses for Ladies aud Gentlemen. I am prepared to answer all calis for Hacks with the finest turuouts iu the city. Cali up POLHEMUS by 'Phone, or order át barn, comer Main and Catherine streets. Cars i Irom University stop at our oftice. 83yr Sept. 27. 18M. , Price Reduced TO 75 Cents a Ycar. Unsurpassed as a Newspaper. Unrivaled in Popular Interest. ' Soundlv Republican. . . . An Agent wanted in every ïownship in Michigan, to whom liberal terms jyilj be given. THE TFSISUNE - . Detroli. ! - SAFETY DEPOSIT BDXES TO REST, In t ha New Vaults of m as n wm bul Absolutely Fire and Burglar Prooi. CALL AND INSPECT THEM WATCHES! WATCHES! Anyone centemplating the huying of a watch will tío well to get cue tiow! Them vy A Handsome 14 K solid gold Watch for only $22.00 SEE OUR WINDOW Wm. Arnold JEWELER. ÍThe Only Direct Routes From All Points In ? MICHIGAN AND CANADA TO? 5 Modern Sleeping Cars IBüfi A ? r on Night Trains. EaSlYSnj f f PARLOR CARS PIJ1 IV ? f on Day Trains. PgllULAljJ DAYTONj { JCINCINNiTlanilö55 ilNDIANAPOLlS. üE: J For rates and full information, address 5 D. B. TRACY, Northern Pass. Agt., 5 son & Woodward Aves., Detroit, Mich. # # JOHN BASTABLE, District Passenger Agt., m 5 Bridge St., Toledo, Ohio. i J D. G. EDWARDS, General Passenger Agent, ? Carew Building, Cincinnati, ühio. ' FBflNKLIN HOUSE Corner Bates and Lamed sts., only a block from Woodward and Jefferson ares. DETROIT, MICH. The house has been ttiorocghly renoTated and is in the heart of the city, convenient to all car lines, depots and boat landings. Prlay. !tül..rO. H. H. JAME8. ai Aa sa E BlSFBli The best History of the MMl 11 M U NV the ü Lronl ihe dis" i i ll K i eovery of America to ■UlTlvUM the present time. wrsr i COLUMBIA For special terms apply ut once to PALESTINE PUB'G CO., Elkhart. ind. CAN I OHTAÏN A PATENT? Fora prompt answer and an bonest opinión, write to 35 i: N dfc CO., v.-ho have bad nearly fifty years' experionce ia the patent business. Communications strictly conflaentlal. A Hnndbook of Informution conoernina I'atents and bow to obtain thera sent free. Also a catalogue of nieciianical and acientlSo books sent free. Patenta taken tbronph Munn & Co. receive Bpeolal noticein the Sci cu tifie Ainericnn and. thus are brousjht widoly bef ore the public without oost to the inventor. This splendid paper, tsened weekly, o'eiïantlyillustniteü.hasbyfarthe Inroest cireiilatina of any scientific work in thQ. world. S3 a year. Specimen copies sent free. Building Eclitiou.monthly, 2.50 a year. Single copies ii 5 cents. Every numlier eontains beautiíul platee, in colors, and photoprapbs Of new houses. with plans, euabliui? ouilders to show the latest desïims and secure contracis. Addresa MUÍÍN & CO., NEW YüliK, 'diil BROADWAT. iiaiiMBsr ANN ARBOR ELECTRIC CRANJTE WORKS, Manufacturer of and dealer in Artisiic Marble and Granits Kemorials ! Having on hand a large quantity of Rough Granite, and f uil equipped maL'hiuery for Granite Work, we are prepared to execute Fine Monumental Work 3ii short notice. OFFICE, No. 6 Detroit St., ON AKBOR, - MICHIGAN. pa e s ' 'i Sm O i3Ï ö fl 9 61 8 81 R Bfl resulta pffl 8 (jpfi I I I VB I HW lU bul enting! iupes Uoustfbntiou, liestoi-KS Cooxplenou, tiavefl Doctors illa. Sunp!é tree.,3W W.46tliSt.,N.T. Cu res SicK Hadache


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