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Sale of State Tax Lands. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) Auditor General's Office, Lansiug, Nov. 4, 1894. ) Notice is hereby priven that eertiiin lands situated iu the County of Washteaaw bid olT to the stnle for taxcs of 1891 mul previoua yeara, and described in atatements wnich wlll iierenfter be forwarded to Ihe ofBce of the Treasurer of said County, wlll be Bold al public auction by siiid Treasurer, at the County Beat, on the nrst Monday of December the time and place deslgnated for the Annual 'lux Sales, ii'not prevlously redeemed or canceled accordiug to law. Said statements contaiu a full description of each parcel of said lands and nmy be Been on application at the office of tlie County Treasurer after thev arereeeived bv hhn. STANLEY W. TURNER, Auditor General. Look Out for Cold Weather, but ride inside of the Electric-Lighted and Steam-Heated Vestibule Apartment trains of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway and yon will be as warm, comfortable and cheerful as inyourown library or boudoir. To travel between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, or between Chicago, Omaha and Sioux City, in these luxurioualy appointed trains is a supreme satiafaction ; and, as the somewhat ancient advertisement used to read, "for further particulars see small bilis." Small bilis (and large ones also) will be accepted for passage and sleeping car tickets by all coupon ticket agents. For detailed information address Harry Mercer, Michigan l'assenger Agent, Detroit, Mich. THE DEVELOPmVniTÖFTHE -SOUTH [a I icing furthered by the Queen & Crescent Boute by means of a special series of Monthly Excursions to South rn poiuts at One Fare for the Round Trip. These rates are in effect ftoin Cincinnati, Ohio, and Lexington.Ky., on November üth and December 4th, good twenty days from date of sale íor return. They are sold on these dates to all points in tucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Misaissippi, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida (exceptKey West,) and to New Orleans, and all poiuts ou our line in Louisiana. Stop-overs are permitted on these excursions at any point south of the Ohio River, within the final limit oí the tickets. This offers an excellent opportunity to those who desire to go South to look into the present great movement of Northern farmers to that section. The Q. & C. has over a million acres of farms and timber land for sale along its line at $3.00 to $5.00 per acre, on eusy tsrms. Send us your name for advertising matter and any information you may want as to lande and immigration to the South. Chas. W. Zeil, D.P.A., Cincinnatl, 0. W, W, Dunnavant, T.P.A., Cleveland, Ohio. C. A. Baird, T.P.A., Detroit, Mich. W, A. Breckler, N. P. A„ 111 Adams Street, Chicago, Illinois. YT-- TRADE MARK Li i i ■■■! Wheeler'snj Meirve -" POSIT1VELY CURES HE&RT DISE&SE. NERVOUS PROSTRATION, EPILEPSY. leepl essuess and all aerangement ot the Nervous Svstem. Unexcelled for Restless Babies. Purely Vegetable, guaranteed free from opiatea. One-hundred full size I doses. 50 cents. M. D. Bailey, Eeceiving Teller Grand Rapids (Mich") Savings Bank, says lie cannot say too much in favor of " Adironda," Wheelers Heart and Nerve Cure. Prepared by Wheeler & Fuller Medical Co., Cedar Springs, Mich. Sold by John Moore, - Druggist. ÑTorthern Michigan Resorts Few places offer so maiiy advantges for tired people as do the popular resorts ou the shores of Lake Michigan nud its tributary bays. Bay View, Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Gharlevoix, Traverse Gity, and Grand Traverse Bay Resorts are peculiarly Iuvitingd uring the hotweather she bracing air, cool nights and freedom from (lust contribute to nuike this región a naturíil Tanitariiyn,for the recuperation ol exhuusted euergies. To those interested. Bay View offers special advantages in thegreat Chatauqua course and Assembly. beid In July and August, the program of which yill be of unusual excellence tliis year, cornprising classes in manv branches of learning and lectures by noted professors and teachers from the highosf colleges and unlversitles of this country. The Way to Reach these RESORTS IS VIA. TIIi: CHICAGO AND WEST MICHIGAN Railway, wbich runs through the entire reglon.aud is known as"The Scenie Line," on account of, the beautlful scenery through which it passes, traversing the shorts of Iakes, rivers, and bays. for miles, which; with the splendid service offered by this line makes the trip a delightfii] one. Through parlor and sleefing cars from Detroit to Petoxkey and Buy View. are run during July, August and September ; via. the Detroit, Lansing & Northern Kailroad to Grand Rapids, thence via. the C. t W. M. Tourist tickets at redueed races are aold ;it principal stations on these aud other Unes from June lst to Sopt. 30- good to return uutil Oct. 31. GEO. DbHAVEN, Gen'l Pass's Agent, Grand Rapids, Michigan. lífc- S.- Send for our book, "Tours in Michigan." Garfield Tea gg Duros Hick Hen (iache.K,'Pt.orosr;oinn]i;xion,Saví's Doctors1 Bills. Sample LrOe. GHFii;T.uTïL.c.t..3i9W.45thSt.,N.Y. Cures Constipation IT IS HUMAN UTDBB To Want Someihine; for Nothing. wwtm ra away AT 1 f, IOOHQLZ' GrDcerv Store, 4 & 6 BROADWAY. Tliis is the way it is done : With every cash sale, whether it bel0cor$50, we give you a coupon Bhowing the amount purchased, and when you have bought groceries or ariy goode in our line to the amount of .$'-10.00, $45.00 or $50.00, you can have vour ehoice of the 28 Beautiful Pisees of Silverware ! Such as Sugar Bowls, Spoon llolders, Cream, Fruit. Gaster, Berry, Tickle and Butter Dishes, Etc, CALL AND SEE. Remember, everythingin tbc Grocery Line sold cheap for c sh. W. F. LODHOLZ 4 & 6 BB0A.DWAY. ranfUíE lf you want a clean pleasant stable, free from offensive stable odors, dry bedding and clean Lealthy horses, use our STABLE DEAINEKS. Easily put into any common plank fioor. AMERICAN FLOOR DRAIN GQMPANY Ann Arbor. Samples at Volland's Harness Store and Schuh & Muehlig's Hardware Store-' "ONLÏ ONE NIGHT OUT' Quickest Time Ever Made xo noriaa OR New Orleans, VIA fCTNCINNATI -jS FROM Toledo or Detroit, For Rates or Information, write to D. B. TRACY, Northern Passenger Agen 155 Jefferson Avanue. Detroit. Mich. JOHN BASTABLE, District Passenger Agí 5 Bridge Street, Toledo, Ohio. D. G. EDWARDS, General Passenger Ager Cincinnati. Ohio. BOOK lGEISTTS PEIZE HISTORY OF THE GREAT FAIR. The World's Columbian Esposiiion Illustrated received the Highest and ONLY Awakd at the World's Fair, as the Riehest Illustrated and t'je Most Autlieutic and Complete History of tbe World's Columbian Expositiou. n.., Sella at sight. Large Commissions. Exclusive Territory. SEnclose 10c in stamps for terms and parculars. Address J. B. CAMPBELL, 159-101 Adamn Street. Chicago. III. Reprint Frank Leslie's Illusrrated I I Weekly War Illustrations 1SC1-C5, two ■ I volSj folio,S16.50, payabla 82.00 ■ I y. pelivered byexpressprepaid. Send I I for illustrated circulare. Al salesnieu 9 I waated. I STANLEY BRADLEYPUB.00. I 1 5 EAST 16TH ST., N.Y..U.S.A. I FASKYOURHORSESHOER föCg FOR THE % lEvfei;p[ It ABSOLÜTELY prevenís slipping:,' and insures perfect Bafety and comfort to norse and driver. Shod with the " Neverslip " your horse's f eet are always in good condition - kept 80 by not havihg to coustantly remove the shoes for sharpening. The CALKS are REMOVABLE, Steel-Centered and SELF-SHARPENIKG Wlien worn ot new Calks can be easily inserted without removing shoes, saving an immense amount of time usually lost at the blacksmith shop. On receipt of postal will mail free our deRcriptive circular contain ing prices of Calked Shoes, ready to le nailed on, lor trial, olïered thia winter at very low prices. HEAVY HARDWAEE CO., Toledo, Ohio. DEALERS IN Blacksxniths' lü Wagon Makers' Supplies. Solé Agenta for Washtenaw C'outy. TO FARMERS The Ypsilanti Robe and Tanning Co.,, feeling certam that tliey can make it au object to j'ou, invite you to cali at 25 S. Huron St., Ypsilanti, and examine samples of goods of our make. Our business is to tan Furs and Ilides, and manufacture to order Robes, Coats, Capes, Gloves and Mittens. Or we will pay CASH FOR HIDES. CUSTOM WORK. We will do Custom Work, tanning hides for owners at reasonable figures. Farmers can thus secure first-class Robes at nominal prices. We make a specialty of MOTHPROOF ROBES from bides of cattle, wbich to be appreciated must be seen. Cali and see us. YPSILANTI Robe and Tanning Co., 25 S HQM St., YPSILAm MICH. In thu Xcv Vaults of the ñnn Arbor Savings Bank. Absolutely Fire and Bnrglar Pr3of. Gall aiidlnspect tliem. lyr. d JVjICHIGANiTENTRAL " The Niauara Falls Boute." TIME TABLE IN EFFECT JULY 1,1894 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME & já : -Bj Á é i í" '■ : d M : : M ':?.&% 1W$ : tí :I?S :SÍS3S : m SS i : 2S M' ES : : : : : SS O-sfl oíd, w Cft P.sS sé éé gg es h s ij ;se ss j ; ; ; ; s 1 gL3 j : :&L S g L8 S :S j !??? S I I : UU;;!! S ES : j : j j S 3 ::■:::::::: 3 . '■'■'■ '■'■'■ á rá i :- i i : : i : :: i 8S : i :8 ;SS3 : '. : i ■ i? wáá : 'o ■ -gcsj 4 gg :: JSS f ES i j j j j S ta eid : : ' : k; i i : i : & h 8SIS : i :2S :2S SS .S ;8 : ;Ss3 - a - . á s ss i ás s a s=!Sga;3!gj;:jS3 a S88S8988B888 I ii . r i Mi " MiÜiiiS:: lig! i ::::::; a : oí o : . K : :u : ípa : r : : : íí .. ! ! ! O !O ■ ■ h ■C-0''O o :■■ s :: o : := : : : : :o : O. W. RUGGLES, H. W. HAYES, G. P & T. Agt., Chicago Agt. Ana Arbor fl TOLEDO p. ff ANNARBOhL I } Xi) NORTH MICHIGAN) T J?y RAIWAY. !-- uJ - - ' J - i., . , ■. ! ' Ml ''N"c "" "C jh1I1 1:fcirvííYf _ ,-South Bend 77tO LE DOKi '' t29 ƒ Ft. Wayue ■[ -lyooLe. n'RÓfec'H TIME TABLE. TAKING EFFECT Wednesday, August lst. Traius leave Ann Arbnr by Central Standard Mine. NORTH. SOUTH. 7:15 A. M. 7:25 A. M. 12:15 P. M. 11:30 A. M. 4: 15 p. M. 9:00 P. M. Trains run between Ann'Arbor and Toledo onlv. t'frains run Sunday only. W. H. Bennett, G. P. A. R. S. Geeeswood. Aqt W. S. MOORE, D B K T I S T. Work done In all forms of modern dentïstrv; crowu and bridge work a Bpeolalty Gradúate of the U. of M. Office, 27 S. Main st. Ann Arbor, Mich. 1 y Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder A Pure (lrape Cream of Tartar Powder.


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