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Real Estate Transfers

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The following is a list oí the transfers of real eslate in the eounty for the week ending lune 8tb, as reporto d by the Washtenaw Abstract Compauy, office in Lawrence building, cor. of Fourth and Ann St., Ann Arbor, Mich: E. F. ADgus to L. L. Angus, Ypsilant 1 A. F. Ball and wife to Hannah Wélcome Ypsilantl 250 Alice E. Grant to James Goodbeed, Ann Arbor, Mich C50 Wm. Clancy Jr. to George B. and Eraraa Coburn, Ann Arbor, Mich r.00 Michael Brenner and wife to John E. Miner, Ann Arbor, Mich 4500 Joseph L. Ros nd wife to John A. Wessinger, Aun Albor, Mich 1200 Adnin Mayer to v. R. Bjjrt, Receiver, Ann Arbor, Mich 1 W. H. Ellis to Joseph L. Rose, Ann Arbor, Mich i Chas. E. Chandler, to M. ,7. Lehman, Chelsea _ 250 J. D. Corey and wife'to Jacob F. Schaible, Manchester 260 Mary B. Haeussler to G. G. Gross, Manchester ]oo John Jenkins to John E. Bird, Manchester j Toim È. Bird to John and Barbara Jenkins, Manchester , i Anthony Burke to V. li. IJurt, Kecciver, Xorthfield i Catherlne Otto to W. R. Burt, Receiver. Nerthfleld i John Podewils lo W. T. Burt, Receiver, Northfleld j Fred S. Chapín and wife to W. II. Burt, Receiver, Northfleld i Chas. Kempf and wife to W. R. Burt, Itecelver, 'Korthfield i Wm, Kempf to W. E. Burt, Receirer, Northfleld j CatherineHenry to V. E. Burt, Receiver, Northfleld i Patrick Gibney to V. U. Burt, Receiver, Northfield j Frank H. Sweetland to George P. Glazier Sylvan j The above conveyauces to W. E. Burt, Receiver, are rights of way for the T. A. A. & X M. E. K, CO, Hanging Baskets and Vases filled ut Marsden'S!. Álso bedding planta oí all kinds. Cut flowers always in stock. Cro. Miller ave. and Chapia street. A ma.n vvho avíII cali upon an editor or reporter either, witli a geat long puff for somebody or somcthing ;m:l aslc liim to copy it "bccause lie waints give it to the other papers to print" lias gcrt more cheek tlian a government ruule, and you woulil T)e surprised to find o'ut liow many there i re of thilt klad. 'ilie New York Ilcrald üsSlb dlscoiitinued its weékly editioa ,and in ann'oaincing the ín et eayis : "It has long ■been patent to everybody that the gegitimate ïield oï weefcly :iews reviews is -filleil to the satisfaction oi Local readers by comintry and town newspapers that now stud the varioue Ktates like stars in the Bky." When business is dull and you ieel bluie, and ,you Jia-ro to ewear once in a whüe to keep irota crylng, Uon't get diseouraged fot tJiere are othera without tnrred witi the same same stick. Life is toa short and swoct to waste In grumbling and findimg iault. MaJae the best oí -what you have 'and liavO a good tune wlüle yoi live, tor yooi'll bo a long time clead. Hie Ohioago Iiiter-Ocean. of last Monday oomteins a column r so giving the ooilege yells of all the collogos in the Uaited States, liLtlo and big, except Michigan. They cO'uld neithor seet he U. of M. or 'liear it ycll. Tlie Cliicago club found out something about baso ball thougli, last Saturday. Such pcLfy JeaJousy ae Uiat is ccntemptible, and unüke the greataese of Chicago as a great iliiag.