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Festum, Feste, Fest, Fete

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The peopie of Ancient Rome, when tl'ey had a gay time, and made a spread, they termed it a festum, and tljey were a great people for such occasions. If history tells us truly, they were a people who spent a great (3ea"i of time in enjoying themselves. Kometimes, llke human beings of a Ifcler date, they carried their joy maklug too far, and then the end %vas a oaiousal. But that does not apply l:cie. The French cali a festive occasion a fete, wille the Italiana retaiu the w ord in the Latin tongue except that tley use the plural, festa. A Germán cuts the word short and makes a fest out of it, whüe a Spania id adds a considerable to it, and translates it into hls oivn language as a fiesta. T,he English people have a word thal expresses the event. They cali It a festival, at the same time showlng proper respect for the Latin tongue. Among English epeaking nations tiU is the eeason for 'estlvals. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Vears have for many generations been observed as festival occasions, and Hiis particular portion of the year is ve.ry appropriately given over to occasions of pleasure and enjoyment. As a consequence we have all come tr. look for and anticípate somethlng oí the sort, and in so doing are se!dom disappointed. This year, in Ann Arbor, the ladies o! St. Andrew's Episcopal Society have prepared for quite an elabórate festival. It is to be held in Harris Hall, which is already being prepared for it. Booths are being constructed, in a very pretty manner. TJie design is to have one booth represent New Vears, another St. Valentine's Day, stil! anotlier Easter, a fourth Independence Day, a fifth Ttianksgiving, and the last the best of all- as the ïittle folks all think- Christmas. Much time and labor has been spent ty the iadies in preparing these booths, and providing them with suitable articles that would commend tl)emselres to the wants of our peoplo for these holiday times. J-i you are at all In doubt about Avhal you -vraat for your niother or ■svife, or sister, or "cousin" or for youi father, or husband or brother or ■friend" just attend this festival and your trouble wHl vanish in a trice for you will find what you desire and your perplexity will be at an end. Then the ladies in the JS'ew Years booth have made preparations to ïeef-ive you, hospitaWy. On each evening a íine musical proKiaiu is to be rendered. On Friday evening the High School orchestra, a leiy creditable organization, assisted C'í' Gerald Brown, the boy soloist of St. Andrew's choir, who is rapidly i-oming to the extreme íront ín that liue will render a fine program. On Saturday evening Prof Xempf wiH entertain the audience, and all ki:ov what tliat means. Whüe on A.onday evening, Prof. Stanley, who bas yet to meet with anything like railure in anything which he ever indertook, wiU have charge of the program. On Tuesday evening there must 0e a surprise in store, for the Jadíes will not divulga what is coming. Hut it wiU take too much space to tel! you all this story as it deserves to be told. You wiU have to uttend hbo gain the rest by experience, which is the best way. Iho dates for this affair are Dec. 6, 7. 0 and 10, at Harria Hall. AU the people of the city, county, state and nation are invlted. AnC right here allow us to say, and it is with the utmost pleasure we say It that no chances will be sold on anything. It is not a church lottery, but a festival, and everyone who altends will be made to enjoy himselí. , (


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