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An Unjust Accusation

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Deputy Kevenue Collector 'Wllllam JP. Cady of Sault Ste Marie, has been deposed on trivial and trumped xip charges by the tough element in liis party to whom it is a crime to be a gentleman and scholar. Mr. Cady is onc of the most brilliant young njen of the democratie party not oiiIt in the upper península but even i'i tbe state, and if the officials at Washington uuderstood Ihe -ituat:on tl e -vvould see they could not aiïord to have such an injustice and politiblunder carried out. The sick man knoeking at ihe iloor : Jiealth gets In if he knoeks the righi way, and stays out ií he Joesn't, 'Hiere aro thousands of ways of gettiBg sick l)ut only one way to get well. Do -whatever you wiU, ii you ü nol put your digestión in good order, and make your blood rich and pure, you will not get well. Kich, ji;ic 'blood is the only thlng that can Mlng perfect health. Constipation 8 e disease of the bloöd. A. ar ge art of all diseases arei traceable di■Ntly to impurities in the blood. and ■a;i ibe cured by eliminating them -vitli r. Pierce's Golden Medical Disco very. l'ho ürst thing it does is to put the ■s hole d'gestive system into perfect orlor. It stimulates the appetite, exite- a copious secretion of the digesn-f fluids and promotes assimilation. t searches out disease gemis whereOTer they may be, kllls them and forcs them out of the system. Tlie 'Golden Medical Discovery" has been .sea with unvarying success lor over 0 years.


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