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A Pleasant Evening

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The directora of the Y. M. C. A. gave the members of that organization a New England supper last Friday evening in the rooms of the association. Pork and beans, in trne Boston and Plymouth Rock mode, and pumpkin pie in the various styles of Vermont, New Hauipshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts, together with other delicacies, were served by the directors in person, who upcm that pleasant occasion took the place of waiters. Some of the waiters acted a little awkward, and occasionally spilled a dish of coffee or knocked over a platter of pie, but on the whole they came out of the fray in pretty good shape. However much they may have accidently soiled the garments of other people by their neivous greenness, they quite generally saved theirownclothes - which, under the circumstance?, was quice thoughtful of them. But one thinj; the entire association can be tliankful lor, and that is that the directors did not attempt to do it all. They - very forhmately for their invited guests - called upon their vrives to prepare the viands for the feast and set the tables. This the ladies did in a manner that certainly deserves much praise, for the tables were a pretty sight hen they were readv for the feast. It was quite 8 o'clock when the guests set down to the tables, and the festivies commenced. After the appetites i.' been satiated, Mr. Nathan Stanger arose and assuming the role of toastmaster, announced that tlie company would have their ears feasted with a good supply of crisp toasts, and the following program was then carried out : "The Association" : Emü Richter "Board of Directors" Fred Schall "The Ladies'V Samuel Mummery 5IUSI0 By Sid Bangs, Mandolín, and George Roouey, Guitar. Song, "Don't You RememberSweet Aliee. Beu Dolt? " sidney Martin Athletics c. Fred Gauss Banquet of '95 Mr. Buehlow "ïhe Educational Work," By the Toast-Master, the young gentlemen whu agreed to respond haviug flunked. Song, "Oh Proiiiise Aie," Herman Allmendlnger. Piano Solo „Miss Emma Fisclier Anything He Chooses to Talk About j. a. C. Hllduer Closiug Woi'ds by Pres. Chas. W. Wagner. Some of the respotises were excellent. and all were good. In fact the young men who responded to the toasts surprised niany an older one there by the rtue rnanner in which they did it. When it came to the music and the songs, each one had to respond to an encoré. Mr. Stanger, as toastmaster, was right at home, and the fact was quite apparent that he roasted as well as toasted. He has a keen sense of humor and'he brought it into play in a way that kept the audience convulsed. If the affair was not a success, then appearances are terribly deceptive, that's all. - ■


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