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poraries, wlio wiint everything cheap, teil us liow tliey like it now tliat they have got it? The onl y good tliing to be said of the foreign policy of the administraron is that it 110 louter includes the idea of pulling down the American flag. Marriages in Jail sliould be proliibited by law. It onght to be a crime aguinst the law, as it is a crime against humanity, for anv minister or justice to perform a marriage cermony, wliere either party are in prison. Colorado correspondents are beginnning to say that it is a inistake to cali thnt the silver state. When tlie goldbug procession is fornied a year or two henee Colorado may be found marching ahead of the golden Kafflis. Altgeld says that when his term expires he will turn over to the people of Illinois the best state goverument on earth. There is something in tliis, for getting rid of Altgeld is the best thing that could happen to any state. England will use negro troops from the (iold Coast settlements, oftiuered by white men, to subdue the negroes of Ashantee. ïhis ingenious method of making savages. extermínate each other is expected to put through the ultimatum in good shape. French geographers place the present steam railway mileage of Europe at 152,200 miles, or 28,000 miles less than are operated in the United States. Wlien it comes to electric railway mileage Europe is nowhere in comparison with tliis country. Tlie official statistics prove that the excess of our imports over our exports during the first ten montlis of the present year was about $125,000,000 greater than in the corresponding period of last year. This show3 the practical result of the democratie tariff policy, and at the same time helps to explain the outflow of gold to Kurope. Government records of the lake levéis since 1860 show that there is an altérnate rise and fall through a series of yeais, the changes depending on variations in the rainfall. Whilè the level of Lake Michigan is a little lower than it has been since 18(34, the condition is expected to disappear with the flrst wet season, and the small lakes reported dry will again fill up. Hon. William M. Evarts is now iu bis 78th year and partially blind, but liis mental faculties are still in good order, as is sbovvn by bis prediction tbat "no power under heaven can prevent republican success next year." He goes on to say that the policy of the Cleveland administration has wholly ehauged the temper of the people, and made it iinpossible for the democratie party to gain tlieir approval and support. Perhaps the sage who writes the politica] paragraphs for the Adrián Press, will teil bis farmer readers how much cheaper the farmer and the laborer buya bis dothes now under free wool than he did under u tariff that made it possible for our farmers to raise wool at aproflt? Tbe farmer haa bad to killoff and practically give nwnv all nis Kbepp, he bas no wool to sell now to buy any clotbes with- he lias very generously given the raising of ■wool over to bis South American and Australian friends. And the laborer, now tliat the farmer lias little money to buy with, ('mds tliat he has no work, and can eara no wages with which to buy clothes for himself and bis family. This free wool business and free trade is a. fine thing, a generous thing for the farmers and workmen of foreign countries, but deatb to our own. "An old-time Democrat" writes to a Kentucky paper that "the democratie party wins whenever it deserves to win." Tliis observation needs study to determine whether it is a word of good eheer or an epitaph. Now we are lo have a republican congress, it should show its good faith by passing a bilí restoring the tariff on wool, knocking out all ad volorem duties, and restoring the reciprocity provisions of the McKiuley tariff act. Of conrse the president will veto such a sensible act, but let him do it. Let him take the responsibility. But let tliis republioan congress show the people that it fully understands their position and their votes. Xo sooner had the name óf the gallant grand and good Gen. Russell A. Alger been propsed as delegate-at-large to the Republican National Convention in 189( than every out-and-out-365-day-in-theyear republican newspaper in Michigan, in one voice aequiesced in a big yes ! Ever since the Minneapolis convention in 1892 has the editor of the Clipper favored the selection of Gen. Alger as a delegate-at-large in 1896, and we never betray a friend- for liini yet, and uutil he gets there.- Cedar Springs Clipper. Ameu ! Here are a few uords from tlie Adrián Press tbat onght to have weight with the authorities to wbom it is addressed. The citations are not wholly applicable, jut bevond dispute : " To the Hon. Hoke Sraith, and Coranissioner Locliren : Gentlemen, pensions are a vested right. We site you to Ohio on elecüons. November edition, majority section, page 85,000; New Jersey on ballots, Griggs edition 1895, sec. 27,000. Pennsylvania on snccession, vol. 41, 1895 edition, Quay's reports. Also see Maryland on Man damn us." They have a republican register of deeds in Washtenáw, a republican proseeutor, a republican sheriff and a republican iudge. Ypsilanti is a republican city, and liad a republican clerk, who is now the county register of deeds. Tliere's a republican shortage of the peopie's cash in the city of Ypsilanti, and the amount seems to be about $1,900. who is the register and exclerk, thinks the figures incorrect. He has staved off paying, to get time to look up the matter. He deposited a certified check for $1,400, and Monday lie tried to take it back, but au injunction restrained the banker from giving it up. Looks like enibezzlement, but perhaps it isn't. Just a "shortage." - Adrián Press. Th at is the way our democratie contemporaries take to throvv smut on republicana. But when this official was arrested a democrat came to his rescue by going on his bail bonds. He did it, rumor says, so that ex-county treasurer Suekey, whose defalcation was about $5,000. might have a running mate of another political color. Wool is only 10 cents a pound, yet 19 out of 20 of the liorny handed, hard working, honest and always economical and sagacious farmer pulls a cotton shirt over liis head and mentally curses the tariff and all its supporters as the cold cliills streak up and down his spine. - Manchester Enterprise. Well, as the old saying is, if that don't beat the Jews. Bro. Blosser seems to think that the tariff is restored because everything has gone republican. Bless your soul, man, it is the lack of a tariff that every farmer is cursing and has so told you by his vote, for even Manchester has gone republican. Had you forgotten that we are still living under the free wool and fret everything that the farmer produces tariff? Did you think the Wilson bill had been repealed? Oh, nol The farmer has added to bis other woes free trade in all his wares. And that he is not thankful therefor is quite natural. He has decided, however, by his ballot, that he will have a change. He has already changed the House, nearly I changed the Senate, and by March 4, 1898, he will have the entire free trade crowd cleaned out, root and branch, legislative and executive. And then we muy look for better times for the farmer, and not until then.


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