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Poultry tliieves about "Wayne are plentifnl these days. North Dakota lias an Ypsilauti. Th salvation of N. I). is certain sure. John C. Jones, of Manchester, got bad fall down his cellar stairs recently. Guy Sherwood and wife of Osceola, Towa, have been visiting theiï parents at Manchester. Mrs. George Pencill, of Toledo, has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Style. - Ypsilantian. If there is anything that a newspaper likes it is a pencil of the right style. By a vote of 174 to 53 the taxpayers of the village of Wayne have agreed to bond themselves to construct water works. Not a bad idea, especially in a dry season. The funeral of Mrs. J. G. Spatlielf, o Freedom, who died on the Friday pre vious, was held on Sunday, Novembe 24, at the Freedom church, and va largely attended. Helen F. Canfield has been awarded a verdict of $2,500 against the city of Jackson for injuries sustained by her by reason of a defective sidewalk. That surn woilld build a lot of sidewalks. Fówleryille is all broke up over a criticism ïnade by the Pinckney correspondent of the Hovvell Herakl on an entertainment given by.the miustrel boys of Fowlerville at Pinckney. ïhe Observer comes back on the said paper and its correspondent with a lot of cuts. Mat D. Blosser of tho Manchester Enterprise must be older than he looks, by far. Ou Thankagiving Day lie had been married a quarter of a ceutu'ry and he and bis estimable wife and family celebrated the occasion appropriately. May they live to enjoy tlie half century anniversary, is the wisli of the Courier. We can't see why a man of goo. sense whose oplnions are not warped b drink can't jnst as well be on the temperanee side as on the wrong side. Howevér, that is one oí the unsolved problerus.- Stockbridge Snn. He probablj is on -the temperarjee side. There are msjny who are good températe people, wlio believe in temperance and practice t, who do not believe 11 prohibition. They are températe in their opihions as well as in their liabits. Judge Kinne last week sentenced JIrs. Larkins, of Monroe, to state pri'son for life. The prison officials reíase to receive her tvrin diildren, boni but a few days ago, and it looks as if Monroe would have a star engagement with " A Pair of Kids.?' Monroe is quite a place for nurseries however. There's a report that Pete Gussenbauer want'-s to adopt the kids for service at the light house, but this needs confirming. - Adrián Press. While the arTair itself is made light of, when one comes to think of two human lives ushered into tliis world under such awful circumstances, is it not ratlier one of sadness than mirth ? The Clinton Local tells this highly improbable story: "A young man of this village accnsed a young lady who is boarding at their house of sitting on the sofa witb. a certain youug gentleman who in paying her considerable attentioii. fShe denied the allegation stoutly and stated she never knew i man she thought enough of to sit that close to hiin. The young man set about to satisfy himself by running a small wire from the sofa to another part of tiie house, the same being connected to an electric alarm bell. It was so arranged that one person sitting on tho sofa would not ring the bell, hut a second person's weight was necessary. It is needless to say the trap caught lier, and he has had lots of fun at her expense since.


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