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Positiveiy Limited to December 24th. Never agniii will there be another Special Offer made on this sreat Standard Dictionarjr an Kncycliipsedia of the vyorld's KnawlcilffR. We fully lntended to advance the jirice on October I ' thousands of people in all walks cf lite llave requosted au extensión of time until Christmas. After careful eonsideration. we bave decided to continue our Special Offer until the above date. This is done simply and only as a means of adyertlslng this wonderful stDrehouse of inforination. We do not expect to make money by tlm offer, aa the very lovv price on extremely liberal terras little more than pays for paper, printing and binding; but the tremendous amoimt of talk created will help to advertise thi9 I most modern and up-to-date home reference library. 'o advertisement can do the work justice: it i3 ; lts own most eloquent advocate, Hecently adopted by the schools of St Louis, Mc, and many other citiea, in preterenee toall other dictlonariea and encyclopaedias. It is equal to a college education. FOR A CHRI3TEWAS CJFT IMOTHÏMC COULD BE BETTER. i Your pastor, teacher, frlonrt, párenla, or your children wtll appreolate this great work beyond expresBlon. lt willlast a lúe time end ahvays give satlsfaction. No business or professional man, teacher, student, méchame, housewlie or any o( her person who wlshos to keep abreast of the times, or who is interestedin the laudable enterprise of self-education, can afford to allow this rare opportunity to pass without oarerul investigation. onderstand, this great work embodies all the features of a complete Dictionary and a thoroush Encyclopcedia. The new and entirely up-to-the-times Encyclopsedic Dictionary Is now oflered all readers of this paper at the rate of 7c. pev day, in monthly payments of 8J.00 each, i until the sum of SUi.OOfs pui-i. This Is bul inore than one-third the regula? price. ■■"' " This ereatest ot all Dictionaries and Encyclopsedlas was edited by euch world-renowned scholars aa Dr. Rpb't. Hnnter, A.M., F.G.S., Profs. Enxiüy, Morris, Herrtage, Estoclet, WilUams, etc, assisted by scores of other spiscialista in varioua branchss of knowledge. - !L I ctü?V'i rf Cs iIIÍÍÍIHH' lu'y o deviaPS ss fiiiiB ' prices wi-ü be The above is an exact reproduction of TBE ZXCYCLOPJSDTC S1PTT0NABT rang-aenntatiuAC Four massive volumes in a handíome case of pnlished wood. Weight about 40 !hs. !Jr6wnidIIVe5 $750,000 Required to Produce This Magnificent Self-Educator. It is a. Completo Dictionary of the English language. Every word is exhaustively treated as to lts ongm, history, development, etymolosy, pronunciation and various meanings. It is a Thorougk Encyclopoülia of anatomy, botany, chemistry, zocilosy. geology, art, music, agnculture, physics, phüosophy, mechanics, history, mythology, biblical knowledge, etc. It is a Superb Iiibrary Book, substantially bound, printed from new platea, in large, clear type on heavy white paper, and illustrated wlth thousands of new pictures made especially for this work Itis better than all other dictionaries, becausethelatest edition of Vi'orcester contains but 116 000 words and 2,126 pages ; the latest Webster contains but 1-10,000 words and 2.U11 pages : the Standard contains but a Jittle over 200,000 words and 2.31S pages, and even The Century contains !iii,000 words. ind sellB tor ÍB0 to $100 Encyclopaedias of various kinds sell for $50 to f200. Tbisgrect liSrYCliOl'lïDIC 1)10T1ONAKY, contaming o. 357 pages-, over 3,000 illustrations, bound in löur handsome volumes has over 250,000 words, 50,000 encyclopEedic subjects, and is the accepted autbority of tbe Euglish language. Nine Opinions- Thousands More EquaHy Oood. The Encycloptedic Dictionaries ordered for use In It is the greateet üme-8aver amon? all my booka the public schools are giving excellent satisfact-lon. of referen e. Therelsr otherworkof maiiv times Aiter an exhaustive examination of all the leading its size i. loment comí diclionanes, yours was selected in preference to any with ! Killer, D. U., Saltsburg, Pa. other. Asan unabridged dictionary, your work T„ . :i . ... , ? leaves nothing to be desired; and thê profusión of „,,T'; ;','vn:'; ;.' ■' eyery student and hpme encyolopa-dic matter, terse, vet comprehensive, snould posseas-Gov. I rts, ofK. J. coverini; thousurids of important topics, sa ves many The Encyclopaedic Dlctionai tïary alongsearch tnrough the more cumbersome encywar wbich mayinvolye the O Ptai !uiii elopiedias.- Elmer E. tiaccy, Choirman Courteof aI11' th" Intornaöonal.- New Vork World. Stutly Com., St. Ivouis Board of Edncatian. It fon ; I bave Webster, Worcester, and the Century. and aerves the purposea oi asa for Eiix-;.vclop;edias I have the Britannlca anri ■ ,. ' ld live Kcv, ;j'rse ton'B. The Encycloptedic Dictionary Is a magnincent ratteraoa, U. 5., New Glas Bubstltute for iiil of them.- J. H. Atwood, ííüti-, A m:-.rv : of coKt(5rf;::tíon- a l.oon to every stuAttorney-at-Law, .Leavenwortb, Kan. . .. Serves the purpose of a complete, reference 11Extensivo in Informetion, unimpeachab'.ain a brary.- Christian lleraki, JS'ew York. racy.- JPublio liedsei liia. Books guaranteed as represented or money refunded If itbin ten HOW TO CET THIS OREAT WO5 ' ■ check, and tbe entice four nandsome volumes wlli bü for -amed. Kvery month i:: -m ---r .s..-.u : manDer, until the Biim of $16 is paid. IJuderwtnii:'. t.'iv v.-ti „ f2tspaid, tbnsyou have íhe ase of them wbil ■■ ;:is' rateof y -■■ ■ da' MI I - inojT' - i freight or expresa charges mast bo p ...... Any one wishing tb I fitswia complete set, tnaydeductHJ percent., h i ■ WAÜÏE3 '"' igtheaccoun . ■ . i rms. We refer !.■ ui I - " ageney, or any bank in Philadelphiu. .v!..'.-. (ñfcnl ■■ j Pamphleí of 8o specimen page:-; "ree os receipt ts to p.v postasre. V;tth St., . ■ PA


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