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Circuit Court Proceedings

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The following cases liave been disposed of during the December term of court : George Bryant vs. Elizabeth Bryant. A solicitor fee of $30 allowed. Anthony Burke vs. Manly J. Furnam. Discontinuad. ïhe People vs. Frank Haynes. Charged with larceny of horse. Arraigned, plead not guilty and M. J. Lehman appointed to defend. Afterward changed lus pleato guilty and sentenced to twoyears at lonia. The People vs. Herbert Walsh. Charged with forgery. Plead not guilty and M. J. Cavanaugh assigned to defend. He afterward charged his plea to guilty and sentenced to state prison at Jackson br two years. The People vs. Walter E. Fick. Asault with intent to do great bodily ïarm. Plead not guilty, Arthur Brown assigned to defend. This wrought an mmediate change in the opinión of the jrisoner. He wilted at once, plead guilty and got off with thirty days in he county jail. Felix Donnelly vs. George Marshall. )iscontinued by consent. Lucy Marshall vs. Meivin E. Peteron. Diseontinued by consent. The People vs. George Letter. Violation of liquor law. Plead guilty and fined $25, wluch was paid. George Letter. Same offense. Nol ros. entered. uwen McLuin vs. George McLain. Continued. Wm. Brighton vs. L. S. & M. S. R. R. ï. Sixty days' time granted in wbicb o settle bill of exceptions. James Linen vs. Paris Banfield. Same rder as above. Fred Boos vs. Martin Ryan. Disconinued. Martin Ryau vs. Fred Boos. Disconnued. Frank Kopf vs. M. C. R. R. Sixty ays in which to settle bill of exceptions.


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