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The First Senior Social Is Booked For

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Fiiday evening, at Granger's. Work on the lst and 2d degrees at the K. of P's castle hall Friday cveniug Skating at the Rink now, the floor tbcro having been flooded for that puipose. Choral Union rehearsal Friday evenlng at 7 o'clock sharp. Every meml er is-, expected to be present. Miss Josephine Gaffney is soon to publish a new song. There is no doubt but that it wïll be a good one. At the M. E. church next Sunday frcnj 6:30 to 7:30 p. m., Mr. C. Carpenter will lead the Epworth League meeting. . . Ihe social which was to have been g-ivet by the Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. church to-morrow evening lias tieeL postponed. E C. Krapf captain, W. O. rhomas let Lieut., J. L. Cox 2d lieut., of J. T. Jacobs' Camp S. of V., were elected SI onda y evening. Ihc next lecture before the Cnity will be delivered on Monday eening Dec. 9, by Kev. John Snj'der, oí St. Louis, Mo. ThO people will ïiock to hear this because it is a humoroiis one, and if there is anything in the world the people in general Uk; it is to be entertained. City Treasurer Manly wlll commence receiving taxes next Monday morniiig, not being able to complete the vriting of hia receipts until then. Tlio rat-e for summer tax wajB $8.20 ei a SI, 000 assessment, and this winter it is $8.75. So if you did uot pay your summer tax, and are assctseö at $1,000 you will have $16.9." besides tihe collection lee to pay DOW Pred "Weinberg has fitted up a building at the athletic field for the atcommodation of skat-ers. He has put in an electric light, and proposes to have things in good shape in overy way. He proposes to keep everytL-ing in first class style for iirstclass patrons, and will see to ittliat tbc-ro are no objectionable people adniitted. He has done a good thing ror Jovers of this exhilerating' sport, and deserves a good patronage. One of the happy events of Thanksgiving Day was the marriage of Martin Sclialler and Miss Bertha Weinmannj Eev. Max Hein performing the ceremony. The best men were Louis C. and Philip Weinraann, and the bridesmaids Miss Emma VVeiumann and Miss Lizzie Kemper. A wedding suppér was served, and the festivties were pleasing indeed to the guests. Among the presenta was a cl) eek for $500 f rom the groom's father, who resides in Germany. A falsehood tenaciously adhered to is as good as the truth itself, is evidently the motto of the Argus. While it says not a word about the democratie offici als being responsible for any portion o the expenses of the county for the past year, it reprints its tables and re-asserts that because the republicans are now in power that they are responsible for the increase in expenses for the year Very well, if it rnake the people believe such stuff it is welcome to all it makes out of it. The peeple will not be so easily hoodwinked, it willfind. By the spreading of the rails the passenger train south on the Ann Arbor road yesterday afternoon was thrown frorn the track. ]t occurred about a lialf a mile this side of Azalia, and while none of the cars were over-turned, and no person injured, it was a very close cali. The wlieels of the engine and cars were buried in the earth clear up to their top rims. The accident caused considerable delay in trains, all passengers and baggage having to be transfeired around the wreek. The engine and cars stationed here went down and brought up the passengers froin the south. A nuinber of young people of this city will give an entertainment in the A. O. U. W. Hall (over John Burg's shoe store) next Friday evening, Dec. 6, at 8 o'clock, for the Orphans home in Detroit. They will present the very amusing play entitled "The Deestrict Skule '.' after which ice cream and cake will be served The admission for the play has been put at the nominal sum of 15 cents tor adults and 10 cents for children. The object is a very worthy one and everyone should go and contribute their inite and enjoy a very pleasant evening with these young people.


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