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DI IT'S INJURIO US TO STOP S UDf li. T 9 HP DENLY and don't be imposed upon (I Ï i J by buying a remedy that requives you J A t0 do s0' as il is nothin9 more than a substüute. In the. sudden stoppage S=TF fL TS=V f íoacco Vou must have ome stirn(l II ILJ ulant' and in mosi aU cases, the ƒ- II l II % Ject f e 8muani! be it opium, - -il. morphine, or other opiates, leaves a ts=r== ,x A """""1 ar worse habit convegetable. You do "distel" Tlh B-CÜB0;, - ou LSÍ toZoplfyZr desire for tobáceo will cease. Your system will be as free f rom nicotine a ss.te;,,s srTO Esa SIFS ____ ia Crosse, Wis. Offlce of C. V. T-IORsrcK. Snnf. Eureka Chemical and M'fg Co , La Crosse Wis St' PauI' Minn;sota. Sept. 7, 1894. without success. untll I accidenally leamed Sf voSr "Riu-n ?í.rn OtI other r,erae5te'. ut


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