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Ducking Stools

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Ducking stools are noticed as existing formerly at Chester, Cambridge, Rugby, Sontham, Coventry, Nottingham, Southwell (Notts), Retford, Grimsby, Scarborough, Huil, Beverley, Morley (near Leeds), Ilkley, East Aidsley, Craven, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Kirkharo, Bnruley, Derby, Chesterfield, Kingston-on-Tharnes and Leicester. Examples of the actual instrument seem still to be preserved at Leoniinster, Ipswich, Soarborough and Leicester. The latest recorded use of the ducking stool (the designations cucking and ducking were, of course, synonyruons in the days oí Queen Elizabetb) was in 1809. It waa at Leominater, when a wonaan named Jenny Pipes, alias Jane Corran, ■was paraded througb the town on the ducking stool and ducked ia the water near Kenwater bridge by order of the magistrates. In 1817 another -woinan, called Sarah Leeke, was wheeled round the place in the same chair, but not ducked, as, fortunately for her, the water was too low. The instrument of punishment in question has not been xxseá since then.-


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