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The State Legislature Has Before It

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1772 bilis for consideraron, Üie largest number ever introduced n any session. Of course mostof tliem are doomed already. ________ It is claimed that the secre) sessiona of the senate are a farce. Tney ought to he. It is au insult to the iitelligence and patriotism of the people of this country tbat their legislatura at Washington ahould try to koop anything tro n them. They have a righl to know all about what the two houses of eongress do in tlieir sessions, legislativo or otherwise. The secret session business is a relie of oriental despotisui and humbug. And now right on tlie heels of onr late campaign of educaron, Japan has come out squarely for t he single gold standard, and Japan h one of the most prosperous of the world's nations. We have a vvork entitled "Tlie First liattle," which we would be glad to forward to the benighted Japanese govermnent, should they evinee a disposition to beshown the error of their waya and be willing to pay transportation on the book. - Fenton Independent. II" there is a veteran ín Michigan who believ(s 1 1 at a pension is a vested right he surely ought to have a warm spot in bis heart for Judge Long, who has spent over six thousand dollars of his own money in the last two years to niake i democratie Pension Commissioner and administration acknowledge that veiv thing. Lot the oíd veterans show their appreciation of his efForts by hear'ily supporting his candidacy for the suparme bench. - Hillsdale Standard. What is a proteo ti ve tariíT? It is a tariff upon foreign importa so adjusted as to secure the necessary revenue, and udiciously iniposed upon those foreign produets the like of which are produced at home or the like of which we are capable of producing athome. It imposes the duty npon the competing foriegn product; it makes it bear the barden or duty, and, as far as possible, luxuries only excepted, permits the noncompeting foreign product to come in free of duty. Articles of common use, comfort and necessity, which we cannot produce liere, it sends to the people untaxed and free from custom house exactions. - Hon. William McKinley. The Lansing Journal gives the popocratic candidato for justice of the Supreme court this send off: George L. Yaple represents not onl}' all the biliary iaiosyncracies of popocracy, but the culture and ability which it has so conspicuously lacked. He is a student, a thinker, a literary mystic, and a political rbapsodist. His heart beats warm and true, but his head is in the elouds. He. is a man of absolute intellectual honesty, but he is Hable to exalt his dreams into eternal veritieM. He is a rinislied and eloquent speaker, and sorae ui his sentences have the pulisli and ppigraiDtnutic force of the mad Rcmsseau's. As "the Boy from Meiidon" he was once crowned with flowers and hvmned as the coming god of the tariff reform democracy, but he sooii afti rward becaine dedícate to the populistic idea of "currency reform" and lts uognate paternahstic fallacies. He is a democrat in his Bympathies and aspirations, but a hopeless impracticable in many of hfs beliefs." Among those wlio wew stnictly in the swilm down a.t W-asluingfcoin durIlng tihe iaatugunation, was Schooi öummiissioirjier Wm. W. Wedemeyer of this eitj-. As a oí G-ov. Pingree's party he wenrt, he &aw, he conquered.


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