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The New Candidate For Regent

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Mr. (Jmis. l). Lawtou. of Van Huren ?ounty. fue spcond Dominee for regent af tlií' Universlty, lias had a váried experiencei .both ín pdueational and nuslness mattere. He was borne n Borne, N. Y., in 1835, fitted for college at Aabui'n Academy, and graduated froni Union College, Schenectady, N. Y., Afttr graduation he was principal of 'íburn Academy, and then superintendent of schools in that city. His fatlwr had bcfore this acqtiirod a large traet of land In Vaa Buren county, Mich., and laid out the town of Lawton, and to this place tbe son moved in 1335. He was instrumental in establisuing a furnace there for making ebarcoal pig irou, and was intereïif-c". ,.i this enterprise as long as It lastert. When he carne froin New ï'ork síato. he brought with him 5,000 frape cuttings, planted the first viueydid and set out the first fruit oi'chard .n that vicinity. He lias been engaged in fruit culture ever since, and now, KUt of bis liirni of 300 acres, 30 is derokil to fruit. Lawton is one of the hest fruit growing towns in that sec-ion, often shipplng 12 to ló car loads i day during ilie season. In lsuit Mr. Lawton was appointed tssistant professor of engineering In Michigan Univprslty, but stayed there iiily two years. as he found more proStable anti eqnaliy attractive oceupat ion with the state geological survey, to which he was attached as a mining sxpert. He helpod prepare the report 3n the Marquette mining district in 1872 and 1873. Four years later, when the office of connmlsloner of mineral etatistics was established, he look bharg? of the office as assistant and ïontlhned lu that work till 1SS3. He ivas appointed eommissioner of min?ral statislics by Governor Alger in ISS."). This position he held for six years under (overnors Alger and Luce. Mr. Lawtou has thus been identiüed, for alinosl an ordinary life time, with two of the great industries of the state, mining and farming, including ,n the latter fruit farming. He has, oesldes, alwaya lieen interested in the öducatlonal a ff airs of the state, botb in his own behalf and that of his family, two of his gons haring graduated ït the Univeraity, one at the Agriculfural College, and one at the Mining School. He is a olear headed business o;an, and every way well qualified for :he position to which he is noniinated.


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