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A Rousing State Convention

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The Republican convention in Detroit, February 23, was the largest delĂ©gate gathering ever held in the state, and was marked by an earnestness and determination quite unusual ut the opening of a spring campaign. The unanimity with which Justioe Long and Regent Cocker were renomlnatedshowed an appreciation of their past services which will be fully shared by the people of the state. The contest for the second regency nomination was warm, but not bitter, and resulted in a choice which will strengthen the ticket in those parts of the state where the candidate is best known. That the last campaign tended to crystalize Republican sentiment and unite the party is shown by the fact that the following concise and clear platform was adopted, with applause and without dissent. The Republican party of Michigan, in convention assemblee), congratĂșlales the country on the magnlflcent violory of November last. and on Mie return of the Republli'an party to power. We re-afflrm the principies lald down in the last national platform, and we believe that the trlumph o!' Rcpnblican principies will retore Ihe country to that condition of prosperity which it has always enjoyed under Kepublioan supremacy. The people of the state of Michigan are to be conferatulated that the Hepublican party has control of the state government In all its branches, and we commend the honest, careful and economic-al manner in which its affalrs have been conducted. Our public institutions are the result of the intelligence and liberality of a free people, and we hespeak for them a generous and liberal support. The combination of diverse elements that formed the opposition to the Republican party in the contest last fall, lacks coherency. and already shows signs of disintegration, a part of oue wing having bolted trom the Grand Rapifls convention. The Republicans. on the otber hand, are uulted, and if only the effort necessary to bring out a fu 11 vote is made, we may have another decisive Republican vlctory. The result is certainly worth tli e effort. Some of the people who voted the opposition ticket last fall ask saeeringly where are the good times that were promised in case of Republican success. They should remember that we are still living under the laws passed by a Democratie free trade admiuistration.


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