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The Michigan supreuie court attained its highest distinction arnong the courts of tlie land when the practice prevalled of keeping its canable judges on the bench." Campbell, Cooley, Christiancy and Graves foruied an illustrious quartette who each served two or more terms, and whose later service had an added value by reason of the experience and study of the earlier periods A familiarity with preyious deeisions and rulings, a knowledge of precedent, an onderstanding of the laws as related to each other, do not come by intuition but by study, and uutil oíd age impares a judge's asefulness every year upon the bench adds to bis value. In the United States courts this fact is recognized by giviug judges life terms, with the privilege of retiring after veachng a certain age. Some of the states appoint or elect their Judges tor life. and in others tlicy serve until they are 70 years of age. In Michigan the terms are limited. but long service can be secufed by reelecting judges of proved qualiflcations for the position . This spring's election gives opportunlty for following this laudable practice. .ludge Long, who is a candldate for re-eleetion, has been nine years on the bench, and has shown eminent fitness for the place. He is possessed of an eminently judicial mimi. is a thorotigh and couscientious student and an Industrióos worker. To re-elect hlm is the most natural tliing to do. and the thing which, no doubt, will be done. In connection with the finanees of the university, Regent Cocker's business training and methods have been of the greatest value. The voters of the state cannot do a better thing than to continue those services by re-electing him.


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