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The Comers And Goers

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Mrs. E. T. II '.::-;■:■ of Forest ave., Has beei. iOl for several days. Dr. and Mrs. Tart were (ïiiests of Wends in Jackson over Sunday. Mrs. Jmes JIcKeman has been vistting reïatlves in Lansiug Juri-.ig the ■week. Boy McCtare te bo tnave] with the "Samcj Hanks" C)o. ius au assisfcant aanager. Jo!m WeStbrechrf came up trom Detroit atimlay. fco aperad Sunday ivitli -reía I Mrs. Masou, oí Gladstoue, ie vhe guest oí lwr paréate, Jadge and Mrs. W. T. Harnbnan. airs. C. A. Heodzflck bias g me to Kew Yort and obber eastern cities da tn lp. Mra. Ci'.as. Woodward has been viisttiug her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy for a few days. Prof. George HampC aas been eufiering several days past. from a severe faïl on the 3ce. Mrs. Waldron, oí S. State st., who attemded the opera 6easan iu Chicago, has returaed home. Mrs. C. C. Warner, wtao has lieeii tbe. guest oí frionas at 8i:ver Iake, returned lnome yesterday. Miss Ctlara Mangord, oí Grand Rapids, returned hiome yesterday, after a Mbit, wlth frieads bene. Hon. Jay A. Hubbbel of Houghton tas been fcn the city ícw a time, takfng treatment of Dr. AV. ,T. Herdman. BfisB Emma Bonrar has {jone to eceveland, and from there to severa] eastem cities for a Tlsit with triemds. Mrs. McMurray, ilio liad been the guest oi velativies ia the city for a ievr days, bas returned hom-e to Has■tings. Miss E:ia WhSüaker of Aan Arbor -was the guest oii her 'orother Chas. Whiftaker over Smiday.- Clieisea 3iairaiard. Mtasr. A. G. Hall of Oaklamd ave.. Tas been entertadning her sister Miss Georgiana Stiling of Detroit, .luriug the week. Th: Frank B. Bo-wers, medllc -'9e, was Sa the city last week, on his -svay tane to KnoxvSle, Tenn., from a trip t Etwope. A ehioclate was given by Mrs. T. T. E. ïvickles, of S. Sbate st., om, Friday evening last, in hionor of Miss Btiriing, of Detroit. S. A. Miaran, of tlhe Register, retoraed h'oane yesterday from Washington tío eee the inangui-ation of President McKinCley. üSIr. and Mrs. A. K. Beal of Detroit, iha-ee been guests of their 'd'aughter, Mrs. Herbert A. Williams, of E. Ann st., during the week. Mr. and Mrs. George S. Vandawarfcer had as guests over Sunday, Mrs. 6eorge Hughes of Soubh Lyon, and Mies Kent oí Detroit.


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