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Hard Times Fifty Years Ago- For the benefit of our farmers who grumbliug about the price of wheat now. wenotice iii tl ie Michigan State Journal, published int bis city, of Oct. 26, 1842, t his advertisement. FARMER'S TAKE NOTICE. VfOTWITHSTANDING the decline in the il price of WHEAT, the fsubscriber continaes to pny 51) cents per bushei for good wheat, delivered at ais store, No. 3 Hawkins block, in Koods at cash prices. Now is the time to secure 60 cents per bushei for your whem and lay in your supply of goods at low rates, as wheat will be lower at the close of oavigation. GEO. D. HILL. connection with the above here is another significant advertisement. SfetTA BANK OF MICHIGAN MONBY SP-l J wanted- For which good pay will be made by G. WARD. Ward at that time run the city milis, ewned now by the Kyer Milling Co. An article iu the State Journal gives xtracts from other papers, and this is ae from the New York p]xpress : "Flour has run up to $6.12, and some bolders ask $6.37. These give indieaüonsof the dawningof "Better Times." This was Aug. 10, 1841. At that time people paid twice and even four times "wliat they do now for almost everything tlie merchante had to sell, and yet -wheat was even lower than 50 cents. Are not niany of our troubles in our aaind? H'aod's PiClte are the only pills to take wRli Hoo'd's Sarsaparilla. Eass aaaü yet efficiënt.


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