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Prof. Wm. N. Lister

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In a sinall log house in Iosco, Livingston county, Micli., was born Dec. 31, 1867, V.'in. N". Lister, the republican candidate [r Connty School Oommissioiier. His fnther, a feu mer, came Erom Germany when u ld and served his routitry three years in the 2tith Michigan lufantrr. He metdoathby accidental drowning wheu the subject of our sketch was only fifteen tuonths old. Mr. LiBter nttendeil the district schools nnül he was eleven years old wiien a fall fröm a tree left liim with a pariially helpless hand and arm. Beine: thus incapaoitated lor heavy manual labor, he set about to get an education. Leavinjt lioiue in the spring of 1881 with two dollara in nioney and his extra clot lis tied up in a liat box, he walked most of the way to Ypsilanti to the home of an ancle. Entering the public schools and doing work outside to defray expenses, he completed tlie scientiüc course of the high school. The following fall he taught district school in Lyndon township. Retarningto Ypsilanti Mr. Lister entered the Normal, won the first oratorical contesl and graduated in 1889, reoeiving a teacher's life certifícate. After teaching in graded schools it Ontonagon one year he was elected principal of the Saline Union school and taught tbere live :i successful years as the school ever enjoyed. Prof. Lister is a thorougli business man and entirely in harmony with the best educatiunal nterests of tlie county. Il1 is a ïneinliei' ot the K. O. T. M. the K. of P. and Ann Arbor Oommandery Knilits Te.'i.plar. Il' elected, he wilt bring imo liis work as cominissioner the advantage rf these years ui school discipline and successful teaching experience together with good business Biiterprise and will devote liis entire


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