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Resolutions Of The M. P. A.

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The 'foMo-wiing resolutions were oiferec! by Junjois B. Baai. Aun Arbor Oonrlier, a.nd unanimouSy adopted by the Michigan Press Association by a risiing vote : Resolved, That the Hichigan Press A.S90GÏatiDn express o thie foUowing (rtenids lts lieartdest tbauks for courtesies aJid faTiars extended to it iu eomaection witli this meeting' : Jolwi Breiitmeyer & Sons for flora] deconatíians so accep'tabte at tliis Meak seaen oí the year, amdi remindiing us of the suany eouthCand ; To Sm'ilth, Sturgeon & Oo., for the eClaboMffce menu cards for the banquet ; TVj Brown B:xs., Detroit, for favois extended ; 'ixi the Michigan Central R. R. Ca., the primoe 04 trainsportation companites, f or fa vors s hown ; To Swart Bros., tor the honor; done this Assiocèation by their invitation to dedfcfute ttue liaadsoane CadiMac Mnirvfr rooim in so practical a ray as by the comptiimeaitary banquet tendered ttoe membere arol their ïriends. It leads ttós Assocííatiiom to agi"ee witli JulJaai RalpJi, that the Cadillac Is tlie fimest hiastOery between two oceans. Resd'.Tied, That ühieee resolutdoras be pï'aoed en. the reords and the membere present be requesited to pubïish tbem, aimd that the seoretary be l'iustruoted to communie at e them to thj partdes above menttomed.


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