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The Milán Leader was 16 yearsold last week. Just "sweet sixteen." Xow iï ihe Peterslmrgh 6uu liad any snap in hiiii we might have a wedding. A recei()üon i'ommittee oould be appointed from the Euterpris-ing citiLens of Belleville, to receive the Treiiton Visitor; the Dundee Heporrer oould go over and write up the affair if The Critic, of Newport, would not inferiere and send liis report by the I'lvmotith Mail to the good people of Flat Rock, so they might read the Xews. The SVayne Review of the Monroe Commercial situation would undoubtedly disclose the fact that the Democrat was too busy with the spring canipaign to take any part in the festivities; but the people of Northville will have the Record to show for it. Bro. J. D. will Herald the glad tidings to the people of Wvandotte and Wayne Co., and if the Times allow you may look for a representative froai Carleton. - ■ Carleton Times. Then whycouldii't Blissfield Advance money to buy cliickens and let Ad ruin Press tliein, while the Ypsilanti Sentinel stands guard and calis, "all's well." Then on the final wiud-up let Pinckney Dispatch it to fill up on South Lyon Excelsior. - Plymouth Mail. You will notice tliat Manchester Enterprise cuta no figure in the above, and Chelsea would no doubt object to Herald it because her Standard is not cited. The Grass Lake News isu't in it, either, and every Ypsilantain would most assuredly object. For a Leader take Dexterand let Ann Arbor's Courier proclaim the glad Better Times. A New Crusade uiight then be aunouuceil aud each and every oue have a Hausfreund, or tie to a Waslitenaw Post.


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