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The Richards Murder Case

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There were a grea't many people in towm yesterday froxn South. Ivyon, I'ymouth and NortJiiield, called here ty the examinatjan, before Justice Gibsom, oí the thiPee young men, Larkins, Lyoins and Jones, fram P;yjiKnitti, arrested aa suspicion of beHng Inupdcated in tihe murder oí James JRSxahiaxds, O'f Superior, some weeks ago. ïbe exaniiMiaitlon lasted all day ajd tlie justiiioe'a oifice yras &o full tlKit thie oro'wd extended way out into 'tilie sfcreet. Tliere ■ras jïofc ïaucli neiv cvixlence .eïci'bed by tlie trlaj. But the three aken eviíídent;vr did not go where they c;aimed 'tJney did that night, oüd otliei" suspici'Ous cireumstaaces were proveai.. Tracks arouJid tlie house taDJied witih wliat these meuwore on feet, etc. Mieeers. Jones & Bamdrall oí frhis city, aind Cady of Detroiilt, appeared for tlio 'deieiïse, whiite Proseoutlng Attoraey Kiírk coiwlucted tilie case fwr tne people ivi.thout assistamce. Justdce Gibson nenounced tliat he fl.ould remder liis decislo-n in the case noxt week Thursday.


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