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The Sherwin-williams Co.

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ü í y A PROSPEROlJS ti PW? jgLUrjËË lASIVlt-l% ivillalnays haveanairof snc7 P3s I' .BOIweÍÍÍi cess aDout bimself and his ,Jíi BOH ll4(llÍfÍÍll farm. Nothing w 11 give such an air of prosperity M ?H ff ' 3i t0 your houses' barns' wagons, buggies, tools, etc., 57 Tlfial ft? as the careful use of paint. Tbere is econoiuy in P mT?n 'TBSlKTk A barn that is painted, and kept painted, &j5Q v5fif7 HBi willnotwearout half as (astas one that isallowed öfjy "taJ K to become weatller beaten. That is true of everypí Sr! JÊÊË The Sherwin-Wiluams Creosote Paint SP éfè. fö pG&iL is exactly suited to the coarse-grained woods genTpH Bí?n SI" crally nced in. barns, fonees, etc. It contains ere(aW? osóte. Creosote is a disinf ectant and prevenís decay. val (Ph Onr bootlet " Fciat Pointe " tells why it is economical to use paint. fí JA gJM7 I tells what to paint and how to paint. It is a handy book to have about the g7 house. Send for it to-day- it is free. oa. á Cleveland. Chicago. New York. montreal. m a 9J7 FOR BOOKLET ADDRESS, 34 MICHIGAN ST. , CLEVELAND, O. f3? - Copyright 1SS7- Ti Wfcituiaii Oo., S.T.- Ota


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