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Harper's Weekly for March 3 will contain an important review of the administration of President Cleveland by the editor, Henry Loonais Nelson. The double-page illustratkm by W. T. Peters will giye a bird's-eye view of Washington as it will appear on the occasion of the inauguration of President-elect McKiuley. The most intensely interesting people of the woild just at this moment are the millions of fauiine and plague stricken India. Bat little 3 known of this región by the people of the United States. Sueh reporta as coiné to us are the things seen through British glaeses. Whèt lias been the effect of British rule in India? Why these terrible famines? Whj' plagues? Julián Ilawthorne has been sent by The Cosmopolitan Magazine to India to obtain arJBwere to tliese questions at first hand and depict the situation as it appears to an American. The March Cosmopolitan contains the Brst oí what is probably the most important series of articles ever presented in (bis magazine. Xothing bas been published which gives an adequate idea of the larger operations of business - at least nothing by the class of men fitted for such work by thorough familiarity witli the subjei'ïs of whicb they 'vrite. Tahle Talk for March contains ten pages of answers to inquines froni housekeepers all over the country. ïhis is a special feature of tbis unique little magazine, and is most ably handled by Miss Cornelia O. Bedford. It alsogives laily inenus for the montli, with even])r dinners or with noon-day dinners, besides some menus forspecial occasion?. [n the "New Jüll of Fare," by Mrs. M. 3. Myer, m:m}' topics of interest are touched upoti, - among them, Leuten subject, wedding novelties, and a child's party. The celebrated New England "March Meeting Loal Election Cake," is the surject ol an articlo by Martha Bockee Flint. "Massage for the Amateur," by Dora M. Morrell ; "Hovv to have Oysters at t.heir Best," by Calvin 1). Wilson : "Curries of Meat indJFish,'' by Eliza R. Parker, are iuuoiiK the other special features of this issue. Toanvofour readers who w i 1 1 send name and address, the ïable Talk Puhlishing Co., Philadelphia, offer to mail a sample copy of their magazine,! free. is,


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