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What Girls Are Doing

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As Lent draws near, the girls' minde are turning toward thoughts of sevving. The}' always try to be good in Lent, and it is being good to sew, they think ! Several classes have been airanged among tliem already - some to sew for tlie missionary societies. some to sew for the hospitals, and some to sew for themselves. There are different ways of getting up these sewing-elasses, but they are alniost always supported by subscription. In classes which sew for the poor, each girl pays from fifty cents to a dollar, which snm goes towards buying the inaterials. The girl who gets the class up generally selects a committee araong the different niembers and their duty is to make the purchases, and cut out and prepare the garments for sewiug. There is nothing original in this, as nearly all ehurch sewing-societies are run on the sanie principie. They meet generally at one another's house once a week ; if in the morning at eleven, a luncheon is served at one o'clock ; if in the afternoon, they have tea at flve, and ask a few men in after the sewing is over. A class which has quite a little originality has been arranged among the girls who are anxious to lay in a stock of dainty smnmer gowns, and who do not in thefe hard times feel like paying from twenty to twenty-five dollars to their dressmakers for them. ín this class they have a teacher, to whom they pay flve dollars for a course of eight lessons. Some of tlie prettiest wash stuffs have been bought at the recent sales, and the girls (who have just had their first meeting) are busy making morning dresses and shirt-waisis for what they cali " almost nothing." One girl has on hand a lovely pale pink muslin with fine sprays of roses and leaves strewn over t. She is I trimming the skirt with three little I fles of plain pink muslin edged with narrow ecru lace. The bodice will be gathered full at the waist, back and front, and over it will be a bertha of the plain pink also edged with ecru lace, which will cross over and tie in the back with a full blow and ends. Other girls are makiiig shirt-waists, which, when finished, will not cost more then fifty cents apiece. -


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