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A CAMPAIGN OF EDUCATION. HOW TO GET IT FOR THREE DOLLARS. anBmgB ' ' be educated one must read Ihe best literature The best literatura is expensive. Lesije'S IlIiUSTBATKD Wkekly, pubüshed al A1T 110 Fifth Avenue, New York, is full of the best things. lts ilhislrations are superb; its stories charming; UHPAHALLELE3D and its )lterary aepartment are edited with consúmate skill. nUTTTTJ Such a paper is a great popular educator. II W Jjíw should be íq every lióme. The subscription price of Leslie's is $-1 00 per ■■■■■■BHliHiHBB annum. We make the unparalleled offer of a copy of Leslie's Illüstrated Weekly and a Copy of The Weekly, For One Yeak, at Only $3 Fok Both. No snob. offer was ever made before. No such oft'er wilt ever be made again. These two papers make a most aoceptable wedding or birthday gift, and wlll be constant remindersof thegiver's kindness. Remit by postal order or check to Ann Arbor, --'-- Michigan


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