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.T. H. Hetty, Normal '9G, lias gome to Buflianan to teach. Mt. and Mrs. Edward WdÉcox, of the Hawkiins House, Iiiiví a daughter. Mrs. GreoTge A. Oook contempCfcutes a trip to Oa'.iforaia in Vha near futu-re. Treaisurer 0. "Si. IToCttnes has collected every oent oí the tax in YpsifJanti tlownskip. The new teLepthone oompany is meeting wlith groat succoss in securi'njr subscrilbers. Hou. Sam Post "was a member of the Pingree inaugural party tO'Waslilinisrtoin last week. The program for thio dedioatiou of the new B. C. A. bfolBdlniï, Stereh 26, ts Ijeinig' arranged. A little girl claims tlue oare aad atteiitAoin o:E Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Oase, of Parsoms Bb., now. Mr. and Mpb. ffm. E. Bmifch liave returned herp. fpcvm Ohiioaig'O for perporma.nent residcnce. Mi's. W. B. Sa.mnjders has been enf ".i'i'l aining lliss Alioe Ball of Hambmi-g durSnig the weiek. Jaoob Sclimld bais puxchased the hiouise he has been Sivin in on Oongress st., E., for $900. Tiiss Daniels will remiove from bere to Iiuüingtoii, but her miilinery business herc WÜl be coiitinued. Tlw Y. "W. C. A. bas 202 members, of whom 140 are actii've, 29 associate, 10 sustaiinimg and 17 hionorary. Rev. Mr. Youngs, of PILttsburg, Pa., has decüSined the cali gi'veaby the Oongregational chairch of this city. il. D. Kichiardson, thie new proprietOT of the Occiidentail hotel, Is bmsy getting it reaidy for gnests. Dr. Boone, of the Normad, went to to Menomihiee last week to speak before tlue Teacher's Instiitute held thiere. Bert Campbell oamight a 14-lb pickerel thromgh the ioe down the river. The fish may have been gcajy but not this story. Botlh the Metboddst and the Baptist col'Ored cluurchies liave been holding rev4va3B durtng 'úhe pasrt week, with gocnd suiocess. Manid, daughter of Jero-nie Allen, slipped and feil on an icy step at the Normal a few day's siinee, suetaintng severo injuries. The YpSiCíuiti orLminal cases on trial, last week iin the circuit court, catled many of onr cütizeiis to the ciO'ttnty capita.!. Tlio cü'ty squandiered $83.50 in ntiTt aiining the l'egislative oommittee dm :;ug their reoent visit here, rmoist of It f ar victuia.js aad drink. On Saturday tJnene wili be a meeting in this city of the Paraiar's Vigilanoe Associatiom of Augusta, YpsiUantd, Pittsfield and York. A rao'bed hoirseraan was here n, few daye siimce lo-okinig over the colts at the SemiooolO'ii farm "vith a view of purctoSMig for the European market. The State Baand of Educatóon cxpect t.o hiave the Nto.rma.1 bdll reported on ttós week, and huTried through before all obher iiDistituti'Oins get the start. The proposed ehairter amendments a're liable to créate quite a stir before they are passed by the legiislature. Tbere t.hose who oppose them. About 100 euests were present at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wattalng laet Wedaiesday evening, to help ttom celébrate vlie lOth anmiversary of tüieiir marragie. F. W. Stoute, of YpSffiaati, ilies a Cubain fjag fi-om a Pingree polo. If Prof. Alberto Jonas or any other mam attempts to tea-r it down he ayí'.i "Stoute" Mm on' the spot.- Adrián Tress. Toledo wWsterg íook a heavy ïall om oí Vilue YpedDamibi playre !ataxday. There te a {?3id ileai of gCiary in it, too, íor tlie Ypsilaii'ti oriniks are ;io gSoiuchJ98 ai he game. -Toledo Blrtde. The sentenoe of t.hree yeans at .Tackson, given George Brown, the Ypsila.ntl oolored m'an accused of indecent and orimiinial conduct toward his jionntï step-daughter, is considered very li-glit by m'ainy people here. The aninual banque of St. John's Bociety for St. Patrick's day wHl be abandiomed thiis year, and the Ann Arlro company 'wttl produce in its i)lace the d'rajna of "Oo&een Bawn," at the opera house, Mareh 17. Anotlier feat'are wdll 1g a song by Harold Jaryis. A farmer was offered 13 cénits for his oats last AViMlm-süay. Yesterday lio cíame in and onjy 13 cents was offeTed for them. Tlion lie wenit oway cuissiing the day McKimïey was ever elected president.- Vpsilanti tlep't Daïly Times. AVliat a rare bird tliat fellow must luava beeai ! Iï ono of lus lKHgs died he wouïd Jio doubt turn aroiinil o ml kïek liis motlier ïor it. That Avioirld be just as KensiMe. Foi-ty dollars for ( Iu jvamss of 200 Stek people, looks -vell In print, bul one of our townsmen who ïorwarded I the ñames to the New York advertteer, anid subsequentíy, an request {rom same, $2.80 in cash, fki'ds himself muder oblkrations to Únele Sam {or l.lie return of the momey wá'th tlie added íudío: ma'tion tihat his correspondent Is a fraud and the departmOnt has excluded his correspoindence írom the mails.- Ypsüanüan. Hon. Samuel Post retunied last njjg-h't from 'Wa&hrJng-ton. He says that tiheíe was on'j ons blgger man at the capítol omi inauguration üay tbaaí Plingree and that was the president-elecít. ín íact ttoey were the only 'two pebbles ora ttue beach, and MicJritfao's governor i-eceived an ova■híoii all aloiug the line ol march such as 'as aocordetl t)O' no otiher'.v, and t.lue müst notable men of the na'tiialn seeme'd anxious to meet lj,im after the cerenicwües. - DtüCy Times. Ir additilotn to tbe ourrent expense tor t.he state Normal School, the Stvite Board ol Educatdon asked the íeglBl&fcure for $15.000 wiith -whicli to defray th-e expense of removkig the Jicati'ng pSint to tlue of the g-rauiijds, and oí mnak.img improvemnts in tfre library, besides spending $1,000 íor fire protection. The amouinit asked íor is $130,300 íor the two years. Tlue oommittee oo tlie Xtormal scihool reported the bilí favorably, amd ib is now before the eommitt) on ways anid means. Arnistroüig, who assaulted Adam Slinaier, was íounid guilty in the circuit coun at Aun Altor, yesterday after the jury lua.d been out nearly sis tours, and lic was sentenced to-day. Last epcmirug, Captain A'.len, liis Rttomey, lruistjed around with a petiti'Qn for a liglit sem-tence upoa Armgtaxing and Weat uip to Aun Arbor wïth it. Adam S'haner also took the same motor to counteract the eïfects i of iit if poeslble, auid tihe captain and Shaner haid a few words concerning' the propriiety of oaöh other mixing in the oase after tbe vendiict was reaclicd. and thy eaoh succeeded in conviincing the other t.hat they were perfectly rig-hit In ging a'h.e.d with the ooui-se uporn which tliey liaid etarted out. - Daiïy Times. T.ast Su.nday's News-Trilbune had a Tery fair portrait of W. H. Gueriaii of tbis city, Michigan Passenger Agent for the Chicago & North western, aöd a sketch of hiis career, ïrom which we 1-earn ttoat hie was born in Xew York In 1850, amd came to Cluelsea at 6 years ol ag ; elrkd in the old Cass ÏT'otel, Detroit, in '70, ticket agent e for the Carnada Southern in '77, travi'Unsï paaeanger agent for the NoTthwestei-n in '79, and entered lüs present nfico two years ago, wdHi a desk in De.iruü. He'S a jiner to a cnns'uleiab'.e fctent- Masonic loilge, Cliaptei', ('oimmaiulei-y. Mystic ii-n Star, and 1!. P. O. T.. - öommercial.


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