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Olga Nethersole

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Says Dr. Greene's Mervura is Far Above Al! Her Remedies. She Found Dr. Greene's Nervura the Sure Restorer of Health, Energy and Strength. e RemedyAllShould Use in the Spring. : Olga Nethersole is bevond questiou the greatest English speaking, emotional actress of the present dar. Everyono who witnesses the tremendous expenditure of nervous energy incident to her wonderful performances, realizes the excessive nervons strain and tensión incurred and the consequent loss of ñervo forcé and physieal strenjrth. T"o one, therofore, is more eapable o( knowing what most quickly restores and rccuperates loss of nervous energy and power than she, and no one is more competent to advise those w lióse nerves are weak, who are ill, or.t cf order or run down in nerve or physieal strengtb, just how. to be restored to health and vigor. She tells everybody to use Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, for she knows that this grand medicine is the best thing in the world to make people well and strong. Miss Nethersole says: - "I have used Dr. Greene's ïïervurablood and nerve remedy and have found it a most strengthening and invigorating tonic and restorative. When weak, tired, nervous or run down, or when I cannot eat or sleep well, I have found it a sare restorer oí energy and strength to the body." Ii you feel weak, tired, nervous, irritable and nerveless, if you do not eat or sleep well, if you wake tired mornings, with dull feeling head, no appetite, tired and without energy or arabition to work, if you have headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, female complaints or liver and kidney disease, get at once this great restorative, Dr. Greene's Ncrvura blood and nerve remedy. It will surely make yon well. Dr. Greene's Cathartic Pilis are the most perfect pills for biliousness and constipation. Dr. Greene, 35 West 14th St., New York City, the successful physician in curing nervous and chronic diseases, can be consulted free, porsonally or by letter. Olga Tíethersole.


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