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Real Estate Transfers

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Leonore Rose et al. to Lewis Lamborn Lodi 1 Lewis Lamborn to Josepli Armbruster, Lodi 1,200 John G. Graf, jr„ et al. to Albert Wolf, Bridgewater 1 Jacob Graf & wife to Albert Wulf, Bridgewater Magdalena C. Kuebler to Wm. F. Kuebler, Freedom, $3,500 Edmund C. Derbyshire to Rhoda E. W. Derbyshire, Ypsilantl, $1 Edmund c. Derbyshire to Olive E. Derbyshire, Ypsilanti, $1 George W. Fiegel to John E. Fiegel, Pittsfleid, f4,800 Johu Gilbert and wife to Alice H. Gilbert, Ypsilanti, $1 Alice H. Gilbert to Jacob and Mary Price, Ypsilauti, $1,000 Christian Kiugeter to Charles Hieber, Freedom, Sl,500 Charles Hieber and wife to John Dieterle, Freedom, $3.700 Bell Scholer et al to Robert H. SohoIer, Salem, $1 Bell scholer et al. to Robert H. Scholer, Salem, $1 Robert H. Scholer to Bell Scholer, Salem 81 Cora Belle Randall to Mary E. Bycraft, Anu Arbor, . $'.75 William A. Pruee and wife, by sheriff, to Wm. J. Canfleld, Ypsilanti, $2,000 James N. Wallace and wife to Jacob Schmid, Ypsilanti, ?900 Meivin D. Raymond, aud wife to Mor' ton L. Raymond, Sharon, $5,000 Frederick Sehleieherto Lydai F. Nixon Anu Arbor, $602 People's Bank of Manchester to Benjamin G. Lovejoy, Manchester $75 Same to same, lúancbester, $ii00 Wm. Stein and wife to Henry Schlegel and wife Bridgewater, $625 Abisail Post to Frank L. and Adeline Hayden, York $3C0 Peter Dresser and wife to George H. Thompson, Augusta, $50 Emma H. Orr to John S. Orr, Aun Arbor $3,000 David Laubengayer and wife to Bertliold Laubeugayer, Scio, $8,000 Mary L Coon, by executor to Seymour E. Coon, Manchester, 1,900 Elizabeth Silsbury to H. S. Orr, York__ $1,210 Iienrietta Schrepper to Joseph leyer and wife, Ypsllanti $950 James N. Wallace and wife to Francis P. Bogardus, Y'psilauti, $120 George W. Alban and wife to Theophllus Harper, Ypsilanti $1,05) Elizabeth M. Fletcher to James H. McDonald, Ypsilanti, $9,000 C. P. McKinstry and wife, by sheriff, to Wallace V. Worden, Ypsilanti- $996 Cüristinn G. Walker, by guardián, to Cari Reugart, Salem, $250 Leonora Rose et al. to Lewis Lamborn, Lodi, $1 Lewis Lamborn to Joseph Armbruster, Lod i $1,200 John George Graf, ji. and Frederick Graf, by heirs, to Albert Wolf, Bridgewater, $1 Jacob Graf and wife to Albert Wolf, Bridgewater, $1 D.C. Griffen to Wm N. aud Nlcholas Krauser, Ypsilanti - $300 Henry Kuche to Josepliine Pierce, Lyndon ÍM0 Esther Day to Albert Day and wife, Ypsilaati, "- $2,500