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A Reprint Of A Rare Volume

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An important recent gift to the University is a fac simile reproduction of 'The Vatican Manuscript 3773." This manuscript was placed in the Vatican ibrary at Rome about 1590, and is one of the very few Mexican books that escaped destruction by the Spanish priests who took that method to break down the religión of the Aztecs and replace it witli the Chrisüan faith. It comes as a present from the Duke of Loubat, an Italia' , who hopes by this method to find some mind bright enough to study out its meaning. ïwo hundred copies were made by cliromo photographic procesa and these have all been given to leading students and librarles of Europe and America The original manuscript is believed to refer to the native rites or ceremonies arranged in calendar form. It is made up of nine pieces of deerskiu, making i about 30 feet long. It is divided into 48 leaves which are folded screen fasliion between the wooden covers. It is about eight inches high and wlien folded about seven inches wide by two thick. Tlie skin is covered with a kind of stucco and upon it the figures are painted in colors. Shere are represented several forins of the ceremonial calendar and many oL the gods of those ancieut Americana. The Univereity is very fortúnate in securing tliis wonderful volume and it wil! be stiil inore fortúnate if some of its children prove skillful enough to read it.


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