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5 i IT'S INJURIÓOS TO STOP SUDDy rk y q TT DENLY and don't be imposed upon (i II ÍV 2 buying a remedy that requives you l ! vi ío so' as ls nothing more than a Jf A NI 11 subititute. In the sudden stoppage ts='jv. Tobacco you must have ome stimíV Hí)i ulant, and in most all cases, the ef I r fict f le stómulant oe ü opium, J Jl. morphine, or other opiates, leaves a ■""11 far worse habit conTz "i - v A f f rf tra.cted. Ask your (i II MC Í (i fí (I 11 dríflfffiítafcouíBACO V rDPV i CUBO. Itispurely "J ÍJJSA lkÜÍ' vegetable. You do ' ' noí tare to stop usng tobáceo with BACO-CURO. It will notify you when to stop and_ your desirefor tobáceo will cease. Your system will be as f ree f rom nicotine as the day beore you tooh your first chew or smoke. An iron ciad written guarantee to absolutely cure the tobáceo habit in all itt forras, or money refunded. Price f 1.00 per box or S boxes (30 days treatment and guaranteed. cure), $2.50. For sale by all druggist or will be sent bi mail upon receint of -Drice. SEND SIX TWO CENT STAMPS FOR SAMPLE BOX. Booklets and proofs f ree. Jba urosse, yvis. Offlce of THE PIOÏÏEER PRESS COMPAÏTV, C. W. r[ORMtOK, Supt., St. Paul, MInueaota. Sopt. 7, 1894. Eureka Chemleal and M'f'g Co., La Crosse, Wis. ■ Pear Slrs- I have been a tobáceo ftend for raany years, and during the past two years nave smoked flfteen to twenty cigars regularly every day. My whole nervous 8ystem beeame af - fected, untll my physlclan told me I must give up the use of tobáceo for the time belng at least. Itrled the so-called "Keely Cure," No-To-Bac.' and varlous other remedies, Tjut without sucoess, untll I accldenally learned of your "Baco-Curo," Three weeks agoto-day I commenced using your proparatlon. and to-day 1 constder myself complutely oured; I am In perfect health, and the horrible era ving for tobáceo, whlch every Invetérate smoker f ully apDreclates. has completely left me. I conslder your "Baco Curo" slmply wonderful, and can fully recommend lt. Vours truly, C. W. Hoksiok.


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